How rude! I forgot to introduce myself…

As I posted my first official entry last night it had totally escaped my mind that perhaps I should introduce myself.  My name is Kimberly Loomis, you might have gotten that already, and I’m an author.  It’s true that at this very moment in time I am an unpublished one, however, that does not make the statement of me being an author untrue.  It is my fervent desire, driven by my insanity, to make my name quite familiar to a vast number of people in the not so distant future.

I have an 18mos old son, three cats, two a husband, a piano and a manuscript.  img_0587

Needless to say life gets a bit crazy at times- okay, it IS crazy most times, but it’s a fabulous type of crazy.

Despite my incredibly energetic, innovative and scheming toddler I still pursue writing.  Yes, all those nap times where parents sleep or clean?  I WRITE (I often have bags under my eyes and my sinks aren’t sparkling but since my son doesn’t complain, nor does my husband, I keep at it).

Sometimes the sleep deprivation makes the words appear quite jumbled or even just the grammar becoming incredibly and absurdly ridiculously bad so bad that you can’t even believe it’s just one sentence and without all the commas and periods apostrophes still appear like oh my god I can’t believe how bad the sentences get- but still I write (then delete when it reaches such epic proportions that I am forced to highlight sections and hit the button).

As time goes on I would like to talk about the completed manuscript as well as ideas for the upcoming ones.  For now I would like to just say- thanks for checking out my blog!


4 responses to “How rude! I forgot to introduce myself…

  • Anna C. Bowling

    Hi from another CORW member. Every published writer was not yet published at one point, so you are in good company. Butt in chair, fingers on keyboard, write, finish, submit, repeat.

  • Kathye

    Hey Kimmy,
    I wrote 2 complete mss as a single parent of 2 and holding down 2 jobs. When you only have a set time that you can write — you write. When you have all day, it’s much easier to say “I have all day. I’ll get to it later.” Often that “later” never comes. This time in your life is hectic but hold on to every moment. I promise you’re going to want it back.

    • kimberlyloomis

      I can already feel the truth of what you say. Time goes by at lightning speed sometimes- even when the days seem impossibly long, night comes then it’s “where did the day go?” Usually that happens most for me with cleaning. 😉

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