And the working title is…. *drumroll please*

The manuscript I just completed is titled “In Dreams” and, admittedly, it was the only title like sentence I could come up with in regard to the project.  I have been asked by many people what the work is about and so I offer this blog to them in response:

Through out her life Julianne Fitzpatrick has had prophetic dreams. These dreams, typically involving people she loves or at least is close to, occur erratically and ofttimes depicts something abysmal or devastating.  The most recent dream depicts her very own attack; one which she knows to be imminent and will result in severe injury.  Never before able to stop the dream from coming to fruition, but unwilling to submit to her demonstrated future, she prepares herself for the confrontation.  She fails.

As Julianne wakes up in the hospital she finds herself confronted by a man that is bent upon seeing her well, and the realization that there are some things you can’t reason your way out of.

Her work becomes difficult to manage as she begins to suffer from black outs and paranoia resulting in, not only a loss of the partnership she had been so close to achieving, but a forced leave of absence which she has to utilize to seek out a therapist.  As she begins the journey of healing, with her therapist William’s help, Julianne finds herself with no job to go back to and the realization that she is completely alone in the world to deal with the reappearance of her attacker.  Except for John.

Since John had brought her to the hospital he had been beleagured by thoughts of her; how she was doing and who she was.  Involved in a difficult relationship of his own which ends with criminal charges being filed, he is further drawn toward someone who appears to be the polar opposite of the type of women he is typically with.  Persistent and adament about forming a friendship with the reticent and solitary woman he encourages her to open up to him and, most difficult of all, to trust him.

The fight Julianne puts forth against John’s friendship slowly crumbles and falls away until she is once again faced with a choice between the loss of a loved one’s life or a return to her solitary existence.

“In Dreams” is the story of a woman healing, not only from trauma but a complicated past that encouraged her to be alone in the world whatever the cost.  Death, conflict and a life devoid of inter-personal connection are hurtles which Julianne has to overcome in order to take the risk that promises her the greatest reward- or the worst devastation.


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