Lions, tigers and…schedules?

Okay, so there really is nothing here about lions and tigers, unless by chance you want me to go on and on about the Bangel tigers I view almost daily on the Baby Einstein DVD that keeps haunting my DVD player; if you’re interested it’s “World Animals” and there’s this really cute “Sea Turtle” song on there….  I digress.  Seems to be quite the habit I’ve run into of late.

What I wanted to talk about was a schedule.  I shall be updating this blog on Mon, Wed, and Fri until further notice.  I pondered this good and hard today (okay, it was suggested today and I thought “Gosh, gee, willikers that sounds like a great idea!”) and think this will be the best option.

If I get struck by something amazing and brilliant on one of the off days I will be sure to write about it in addition to the tentatively scheduled three days a week.  For now I must hie myself off to bed and enjoy the very pleasant scenery of my eyelids for several hours.


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