The soundtrack of my writing needs help

In an earlier blog I wrote about not listening to music during the actual writing process and realized I erred in mentioning that, while I do maintain a “cone of silence”, I still retreat to my old desk top (read: the computer I use that actually is connected to the internet) and listen to songs that would help me inhabit the same emotional space in which the character resides during a certain scene.  Admittedly this is mostly because all my CDs (well, most anyway) are actually in storage so our home can look, er, less inhabited.  To get into the head of my hero and heroine respectively I listened to the songs below for writing a particular scene for each of them.  The words, I don’t think, weren’t exactly what was going on for either of them but the tone of the music helped me figure out how I wanted to convey these very pivotal scenes.

One such song is: 

While another was: 

But for my new work I am stymied.  Quite simply I can not figure out what music I could listen to that would help me feel a little bit insane (desperate, pained and possibly trapped would also work well) and could really use some help in that department.  Seriously.  There are absolutely no limitations on genre- you suggest it I will listen to it.

To those that are acquainted with Mr. Bungle I ask you to not suggest them for, no matter their brilliance and possible insanity, I enjoy them entirely too much to feel as though my mind has slipped over the edge of a cliff and into the abyss of chaotic or incoherent thought.


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