Toddler Chasing in Three Inch Heels

For the first time since having Dylan I attended a wedding with him in tow and discovered, much to my chagrin, that I wish I had worn sneakers and was really not at all frustrated by the lack of Pixar to keep him still.  It was a beautiful day outside- the golf course was lush and green, the water hazards tinkled musically drawing children (at least mine) to it inexorably, the wooden bridge made cool sounds as we ran back and forth over it… Did you think I was going to talk about the ceremony?  Pishaw!  I can’t talk about the ceremony because, well, those water hazards were incredibly interesting to the little one and in order to insure I wouldn’t be carting around a wet toddler (nor wearing wet clothes myself since, I can assure you, I would have been right there with him had he gotten that far) I was in hot pursuit through out the ceremony.

However I would like to share with you a beautiful picture of the happily wedded couple courtesy of my mother in law.  (I did not have the opportunity to even get the camera out of the diaper bag!)  Behold:  Brian and Jill Loomis!


Now you might be wondering, and rightfully so, if we were a distraction to the now blissfully wedded couple and I assure you we weren’t.  We were a goodly distance away thus preventing any raucous noise from infringing upon the wonderful ceremony (I heard it was quite lovely).  Of course that also means I didn’t see/hear anything beyond Dylan squealing delightfully.  As there was a gap between the wedding and the reception we did not get to stay and eat but instead got to run around (yes, me in three inch heels) and say hello to all the people he had never met before or had little recollection of.

Next time I get it into my head to bring him, family wedding or not, I shall consider a babysitter- or at least wear flats.  Do you think the outfit would have worked out with sneakers?  IMG_0459

(L-R: Me, Brian Loomis (groom), Dylan, minister and his wife)

Now please take note of the water directly to my left in the picture.  See it?  Yeah- there were lots of little such areas making it absolutely beautiful and veeeery tempting for the wee one.

As you could probably guess the reason there was no way I could actually get close to the ceremony and all that jazz was that my dear husband was the best man and so he was rather occupied.  IMG_0457(L-R: Brian Loomis, Richard Loomis)

Overall it was a very wonderful time to be spent with family even if I spent most of it running around like a crazed person trying to insure my son wouldn’t: a) scream and upset the golfers that were either putting or driving (sometimes I failed remarkably well on this point) and b) convince a caddy to give him a ride in the golf cart (this I feel quite sure almost happened but instead was resolved by Dylan being given a golf ball which he then used as ammunition through out the rest of the day).

A beautiful day, a beautiful wedding and a lovely time to spend with family.

In closing I offer you these quotes to ponder or discuss as you like.

“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind.”- William Shakespeare

“What else is love but understanding and rejoicing in the fact that another person lives, acts and experiences otherwise than we do…?”- Friedrich Nietzsche


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