Another week gone by and I was wondering-

These days I tend to not pay so much attention to these things.  I don’t think it’s due to the reluctance involved with acknowledging the days going by but more that each day has its, hoaky though it may seem, own unique specialness about it.  Recently each day there have been a few moments with Dylan that make me smile, laugh and sigh in what I think of as rapture.  It’s true that many moments during the day I simply feel harried and rushed about (or rushing about chasing him) but ultimately there’s something wonderful that happens each and every day so I seldom regret that another day has passed (although I might regret that I hadn’t gotten more done) instead I rejoice in having had that day.

I also seem to be planning my days more and more.  This day I’ll do laundry while on that day I’ll vacuum- but generally every day seems to contain a little bit of something fun- just for me.  I’m an incredibly solitary creature (I think this is one of the reasons writing is so very appealing for me) and so to have that “me” time is essential.  My me time is usually reading a chapter (or a few) of the current book I’m indulging in.  Right now that means it’s “Catch-22” which is not an easy read but often laugh out loud hilarious/absurd and not anywhere near as monstrous as other books I have read this year.  While enjoyable I’m still considering reading something very “fluffy” after this.  There’s only so much war I can read about, even its sardonic hilarity, while writing about a patient at a mental health care facility before I fall into the *cough* pit of despair.  (I feel a viewing of “The Princess Bride” coming on..)

Which leads me to ask- what do you do for YOURSELF?  What do you enjoy doing? What, without fail, makes you smile and/or laugh?


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