Comfort on paper

I’m not talking about the kind of comfort my cats find when curling up on a newspaper but rather the comfort that comes from a book- more particularly in reading a book.  Reading books from many different genres has been my main goal in the last year or so, not that I didn’t read things of varying subject matter before this year, but it was never something I seriously pursued.  As I’ve been sliding further into the realm of what many would consider “serious literature” it has become more difficult for me to pick up ye’ olde romance novels (aka comfort food/brain candy) and enjoy them.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the literature I’ve read in the last year-even the stuff that made me very angry at the conclusion (and I mean very angry)-but as I delve further into the complex story telling of Heller I’m thinking my brain could use a wee bit of a break and so would love to hear what you read for comfort.

Please take the poll and if you have a specific title/author you’d like to recommend leave a comment!

Whoops!  I forgot to include Mystery/Suspense!  This was a rather unintentional slight so, please, just write a comment with that suggestion if that’s your preferred genre.


4 responses to “Comfort on paper

  • Sandra Marton

    I can’t vote because I don’t read for comfort. I never thought about it before but there it is–I never choose a book for its “cuddly” factor, I choose on the basis of story, characters and writer’s voice. The very act of reading is comforting for me.

    I read across a variety of genres and authors. A few favorites: John Sandford, Michael Connelly, Linda Howard, Anne Tyler, Christopher Hitchens.

    Interesting, that you think Holden (Catcher in the Rye) might have been in an institution. I’ve never thought that; I just think his voice tells us how confused he is at this time in his young life. And Heller’s book remains an all-time favorite, filled with amazing truths about people and war. Have you ever read Kurt Vonnegut? Talk about different…


    • kimberlyloomis


      I have read Vonnegut and you are most certainly right. A couple years ago I read “A Man Without a Country” and “Cat’s Cradle” while “Slaughterhouse-Five” remains on my “to read” list.

      Lately I seem to pick books that make me uncomfortable in some way, shape or form (existential questions arise, torture committed by the inquisitorial squad, etc) and, as I’m totally not a zen person, I find myself glad for the read but rather unsettled in the end. I like being unsettled and challenged but sometimes I just want a hamburger instead of filet mignon…

      Thanks for the author recommendations. I’ll have to take a look-see at my library and put a few on hold. 🙂

      A note about “Catcher in the Rye”- the narrative voice is amazing. While I was initially annoyed by Holden’s character I found myself thinking more of his psychology, of analyzing him, and that was when I knew I was reading something absolutely incredible. The asylum portion was only ever alluded to but never named as he just flippantly mentions he had some trouble and so he’s where he is.

      So many books, so little time. Thanks again for the recommendations, Sandra!

  • Claire

    I discover your blog today , and think I have a lot to read now 🙂

    My vote is for Fantasy , cause when you travel daily 2 hours in Paris subway ( and all that you can see , heard and think there ) you need something to escape your mind .
    Sailing stories , also are good , like Ocean’s songs by O. De Kersauzon and The sea is round by J.F Deniau . Reading about storms , terrible waves and pacific islands make me feel very confortable , like a part of holidays during the subway trip .

    Very good day to you , and “grats” for this blog .
    And sorry to all the people who could read me for the “bad english”

  • kimberlyloomis

    Merci beaucoup des recomendations, Claire! (My French is still terrible… :P) I’ll check out those authors you recommended as well- it’s been a very long time since I’ve read fantasy! I think the last I read was “Glenraven” by Marion Zimmer Bradley sometime late last year or early this year. Before that I think it was either “Lord of the Rings” or “Oath of the Renunciates”.

    De rien, mon plaisir (for writing the blog- I apologize for any butchering I might have done to your native tongue).

    I’m so glad you stopped by and hope you’ll continue to comment should you feel moved to do so.

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