Recently I have experienced, or rather been confronted by, exactly how much a dream means to me.  Now, as you might guess, I am not talking about those wonderful little visions that dance in your head whilst asleep- but those dreams, those aspirations one has.  Admittedly some dreams I had involved fame, fortune, big house and a nice shiny Diablo or a Shelby– but this one is much simpler and more complex (yeah, paradox!) than any of those.  This dream is about a career in writing.  Something I’ve always done but something I never pursued except in the realm of academia (i.e. writing really good papers).

My journey into this has been rather interesting so far.  I started with an idea for a book a few years ago while I was working and going to school full time then set it aside with only working on it bit by bit.  Due to many other demands upon my time, things I certainly held to be more of a necessity than my writing, I set the project aside until I was at home with my son.  And then the need for release, for mental exercise and just the drive to find out how the story would end sent me on a quest to finish my book.

I never set out to write the book with the realized intent of making a dream happen but that is, in fact, what it was.  Now, after experiencing my first rejection, I have realized exactly how tenacious I am willing to be in order to make a career out of that which I love.  The difficulty in such dreams is in the limitations and restrictions put in place by other people beyond yourself.  If I were to, as an example, run no one but me (or my body) could stop me but when dealing with a multi-layered industry for the attainment of seeing my book in print by a publishing house there are…frustrations.

I am quite a n00b in the realm of the publishing industry and so can’t impart words of wisdom here should you seek to pursue the same goals as I am- but I can talk about dreams.  When I got the rejection from an agent saying she wasn’t “excited by the premise” I realized this was something I would continue pursuing.  No book is for everyone and so it would seem my book wasn’t for that agent and so I need to find someone to whom the book would be for.  It seems daunting but the ultimate clarity I achieved upon having that rejection is completely worth it.

I will continue to submit queries, synopsis and portions of my manuscript (should the agent want all that stuff) until those pieces of paper find the person that likes them, enjoys them and wants to represent them.  A dream, for me, means that I care enough about making “it” happen that I will do everything in my power to see it come to fruition.

What do dreams mean to you?  How far would you go to pursue them?


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