Stress Relief

I have found myself wondering what I could do, on the cheap mind you (for aren’t we all just a bit more fiscally conservative these days?), to unwind.  The coffee thing is certainly one of my favorite things, so is just chilling with a cup of hot cocoa w/ mini marshmallows and a fabulous book, but at this point in my life the only way to accomplish that would be to go out and do it.  Now, being a somewhat reclusive person (read:  I hate the mall and, in general, stores), I have difficulty perceiving any such place where I can do the above.  I love the library but going there with a toddler…  well, I’m sure you can imagine (and if you can’t I’ll go with you)!  They also frown on my hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate need during the cooler weather.

You might say “Hey, what about a coffee shop like Starbucks or It’s a Grind?” to which my only response could, and in all likeliness would, be that it feels a little too…  well, hipster.  And I’m so not.

I am, however, a stay at home mom/author that needs to stretch her legs just every so often.  Sometimes that occurs with good conversation, and sometimes it’s just “me” time (I totally don’t remember what that’s like) but, in general, I’m finding I am needing “that”.  Does anyone know what could be substituted for “that”?

What do you do for your stresses? Do you have a glass of wine (or coffee) with a friend?  By yourself?  Go shopping?  Get a massage (or any other spa service)?  Do you just curl up with a good book?  Watch a movie?


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