Book Club News

In the interest of selecting books everyone would like to read I parused the books suggested and compiled a neat little list below.  All books on this list met one of two requirements:

1. More than one person said they wanted to read it and/or recommended it.

2. There were “discussion questions” available for them online.

As there are more than twelve it would be good to narrow down to meet the “one book a month” goal so I have comprised a poll below.  You can vote for as many, or as few, books as you’d like.  The reading schedule will be set in order of most to least votes with the one that has the absolute least number of votes being discarded.  Should there be a tie I’ll post another poll to decide which book gets kept on the group list.

Poll will be kept open until Saturday, November 14 with results being posted on Tuesday, November 17.  In general I will try to post weekly for book club stuff on the main page of the blog every Tuesday.  The “Book Club” page will be updated to reflect the schedule of books being read and will be kept as a static page.  If you happen to miss a week of book club discussion posts I have created a “book club” category and will do my best to insure it’s updated regularly and easily found.  So- go forth and vote!


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