Remember that ole’ crazy dialogue?

Well, that dialogue has led me on a mission to figuring out exactly where in France I wanted a portion of my current manuscript to take place.  So, I started googling.  Of course I didn’t do that until AFTER I brought out ye old atlas from the shelves, walked my fingers over France from coast to coast THEN began searching for the place I’ve been picturing.  Of course that wound up being a scoche more difficult than I had first anticipated.  But doesn’t it always work that way?

I had initially pictured a rural town in France, quaint roads, narrow streets and an overall noted lack of city in close proximity.  THEN I realized I should only look for the end points of the character’s journey as the place I needed all along was really just the opportunity to be along a road which was somewhat bereft of traffic and homes.  Go, me on that astute realization.  At least I hadn’t actually written those pages yet and have thus saved myself copious amounts of edits- yeah!

The start point of Franks’ walk down memory lane will be Paris (oh, how I love that city), then a journey on toward Fecamp in Normandy with a return back to the City of Lights.

At least that’s what’s in my head thus far.  There is one particular scene, already written thank you very much, which our dear mentally ill protagonist reflects upon a childhood memory of looking upon Notre Dame.  It’s just one of the most beautiful and haunting structures I’ve ever had the opportunity to behold so it quite fit the mood.

But, to keep more with the time of year, here are some beautiful pictures of Paris herself all decked out for Christmas.  I do so wish I could lay claim to having taken the following photos myself (I took that one of the cathedral, though!) but my camera at the time was not quite up to the task of taking pictures of lights without making a blurry mess out of things.  I think that means another trip to France is in my future…

This little beauty is the inside of Galeries Lafayette- I kid you not.  I have a picture I took of this- let me assure you it is not nearly as impressive as this one.

The outside- again, mine is REALLY blurry.  All those beautiful yellow lights, so artfully displayed in this picture?  They only exist as streaks in my picture and, yes, I was standing perfectly still.  *grumble*

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must, “Double, double, toil and trouble…”  Who said that?  Oh, riiiiight- back to toiling and hopefully a noted lack of trouble causing.  Enjoy the pictures and may you too dream of a different place filled with happy memories, allowing yourself a little mental break from the normal every day stresses.


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