Blog? Blog. Blog? Blargh!

I have no creativity left in my brain for titles- as it is I’m still wondering what kind of sludge will drip out from betwixt my ears, onto the keyboard and into your eyes/brains.  Aren’t you just feeling so lucky right about now?  *sigh*

As seems to be the case with these posts every once in a while I go a little wonky and so feel compelled to talk to myself, or about myself.  Or both.  You see- I’ve joined up with this fabulous group of women through my RWA forums and have been endeavoring to write 100 words a day.  All these ladies are quite awesome and have been wearing their little fingertips to the bone right along with me each day.  But the downside, and yes there is one, is I find myself tapped.  Run a wee bit dry of ideals if you please.

Now today, for example, I wrote 835 words and am hopeful I’ll be able to write still more when I’m done with this here blog but I got sidetracked.  In the manuscript.  Writing = good; plot sidetrack= not so good

Basically this manuscript is about a character from the completed work I have and am currently pimping around (it’s okay, she signed off on me being her pimp- the arrangement is quite to her liking) and this means certain characters make appearances.  It’s necessary.  Mostly.  I think.

To be clear the books stand alone perfectly well so there isn’t a true series quality to it- at least there wasn’t.  Then I got into this whole damned exposition where it really feels like that’s happening.  The characters are just so frustratingly lovable I have a hard time telling them to butt out of this story and keep it focused on the poor, suicidal, schizoid, erotomaniacal protagonist.  I would love to just take that figurative red pen to that section (not a real one- as old and decrepit as my laptop is I am not about to desecrate it) but… okay, I wouldn’t.  I LOVE those old characters of mine I just can’t quite figure out whether or not I need to go as in depth as I am with the, for lack of a better term, previous hero’s point of view.  Decisions, decisions.

And I’m behind on my Christmas cards/baking/decorating/music playing and listening.  So there.

If you don’t hear from me later this week or next it’s because I buried my head in the snow/sand/patch of dirt nearest my desk.


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