I had contemplated posting a book review today, as I do every Friday, but instead opted to take this time to wish everyone a very happy holiday season.  To those who don’t celebrate Christmas I hope you have a wonderful day off you can spend with your family and loved ones.  Lots of great movies coming out on Christmas Day.  If I did not have a toddler in tow I assure you- it’s where I would so want to be.

A few of the releases on Christmas Day have me drooling and itching to get my butt in a theater seat besides those already come and gone (The Road) and ones released last week (Avatar):  Sherlock Holmes, It’s Complicated, Up in the Air, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, Alvin and the Chipmunks the Squeaquel.

May everyone have a safe, happy and healthy holiday filled with much love and the celebration of that love.  Regardless of your religious persuasion- love is always en vogue and worth celebrating.

And, for fun I hope you check out these fabulously cheery and heart warming pictures.


2 responses to “Christmas

  • jessicabookworm

    Merry Christmas Kimberly, I did get your email but I couldn’t reply it would seem outlook is playing silly beggars with me 🙂 However I would love to be a link on your site being both diverse in our reading we should have similar readers.

    • kimberlyloomis

      Darn that Outlook! And I completely concur! Sorry I’ve been so out of the loop this week- I fell behind on just about everything internet between holidays and clumsiness (don’t ask).

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