H&P- End of December Book Club round up!

Before saying our farewells to Ogawa I was wondering what other’s impressions were of the story.  Did you like it?  Not like it?  Is it something you would reread?  Recommend to others?

My own thoughts of this work of literature was how quaint it was.  That is not to marginalize it by using such a word but strictly in the best way possible.  It was a little story about a, for all intents and purposes, little family in a little community.  It wasn’t something which particularly moved me but I found it incredibly enjoyable, the prose to be quite excellent and the premise thoughtful.  I generally prefer a book to be more provoking on the visceral level but thought of this one as lyrical, lovely and very simple.  I’ve already handed my copy over to my neighbor to read in hopes she finds it enjoyable as well.

Now, more new!  The January book vote looks to be a three way tie.  This is because it appears as though one participant was correct in her assertion that the poll server hiccuped and recorded her vote twice.  In the future I will be sure to block repeat voters by cookie AND IP address so it doesn’t happen again.  I leave this in your hands- would you like me to cast the tie breaking vote or would you prefer to vote upon the three selections?  Another poll!!!!  [I really love these things]  Due to the holiday I will let the vote go until Monday December 28th before going forward.  If there aren’t any votes by then I will break the tie this time and we will discuss/vote about how to deal with future tie-breakers.  Just a note:  I abstain from the votes.


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