Happy New Year!

As many of us get our steel toed boots on ready to give 2009 a sharp kick in the kiester while enthusiastically bribing 2010 into our homes [I am one of such people] I have been left pondering what I hope to accomplish in 2010.  First, my requirements for things on this list are things which I can accomplish on my own.  This is very important as I don’t want to be left feeling like a failure for something that was never really in my control.  So things like getting an agent and publishing deal are not on this list- although should you assume those things to ones I am actively doing my best to attain you would be absolutely correct.

1.  Finish writing two novels.  I’d love to shoot for three but, I think, two fits the bill more reasonably.  This would include first and second drafts completed on EACH.

2. Start running again- be active.  I’ve never been particularly good at long distance running and it would be nice to get myself into shape where I can run a few miles.  That leads me to…

3. Have a year in which I don’t break a toe and/or sprain my ankle.  Seriously, when I did start running pretty regularly one or both of those things happened.  Then I did it again the following year.  I’m done with that.  Hopefully.

4.  Read more classic literature.  I’m never quite well read enough for my own tastes so it’s quite imperative I pursue the digesting of Tolstoy, Austen and Heinlein.  Okay, perhaps Heinlein isn’t classic but I’m going to read more of him anyway.

5.  Find some living authors who encourage me to become a fangirl once more.  There are many dead authors I need to read more of but I am truly getting annoyed with being hooked on those authors then being left with nothing new to read since I read their entire catalog already.

6. Get my head out of my ass on a more regular and frequent basis so I might laugh a little more instead of finding some weird pleasure from watching “Steel Magnolias” so I can bawl my eyes out.

Do you have any resolutions?


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