Apologies & Twenty Random Things

On Tuesday I had posted to check back today for that next episode of my serial, “The Vagrant”, and I’m very sorry to say it is not ready.  Sure, I have something but it’s inadequate as a direct result of huffing dust, living heavy objects, cutting my hands on who knows what and general sleep exhaustion.  So today I offer you a random smattering of things about me as a filler.  I know it’s no substitute for Christopher and Susan’s story but I’d much rather have you read something good as opposed to what I have written currently.

Courtesy of Beth Groundwater I present to you:  Twenty Random Things (about me):

1.  Playing piano used to be my life.  Everything that went right or wrong was poured from me into that instrument via a piece I felt at that given moment.  The majority of the time it was something by Brahms because, honestly, Brahms is my favorite.  I credit his compositions with truly hooking me into classical music.

2.  I’m a nerd when it comes to learning about other cultures and their histories.  I particularly like reading up on Africa, China and Russia.

3.  I have three cats.  Arthur is the newest kitty to the household, a little gray tabby with very stinky breath, was found in a parking lot.  When we discovered he had double paws and since he essentially hitch-hiked he then came to be called Arthur courtesy of Douglas Adams’ Arthur Dent.

4.  I have a plethora of books and CDs and am not even going to tell myself I won’t buy another.

5.  When our basement is completely organized I will then alphabatize books by author and CDs by composer/artist (after separating non-fiction/fiction and genres).

6.  My reward for doing so much in the basement was Ghirardelli hot chocolate heaped with mini marshmallows.

7.  The most comforting thing in the world to me that I provide for myself is picking up a book I’ve already read and re-reading portions of it.

8.  My home library is diverse but heavily weighted with psychology tomes.

9.  The love of my life is working diligently to secure financing to purchase the store he manages.  I find this nerve wracking as all get out.

10.  I have been in school most of my life until now and imagine I’ll be going for more in the not so distant future.

11.  My son was named Dylan because of my infatuation with the optimism presented in “Children of Man”.

12.  I’m incredibly sentimental and can’t bring myself to toss letters I received when I was 8 or 9 from friends I’m no longer in touch with.

13.  Every day is another battle with that pack-rat I keep on a tight leash.

14.  I’m always behind on my email.  ALWAYS.

15.  Every once in a while I like to watch clips of “Twilight”.  I think it’s a poorly done movie and a poorly written book, but it’s a compulsion I have no interest in shaking.

16.  I think that John Galt monologue in “Atlas Shrugged” was too long.  Like, really too long.

17.  My current manuscript is getting little attention this week and I’m feeling awfully bad about neglecting my protagonist.  I dropped him in Paris and now he’s wandering the streets at night… poor guy.

18.  I started working on manuscripts with the intention of being a romance author.  The more I write the more I see that as not happening.

19.  I actually took the time today to assemble all the fiction books I haven’t read, but want to, onto two shelves.

20.  I like coloring and doing crossword puzzles.

Well, there you go!  Twenty very random things about me!  Please check back tomorrow when I tackle a book review for something I was relatively sure I wouldn’t write up.


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