Book Review Day Derailed

I think this is the first Friday I’ve missed posting a book review in… well, a long time.  First, I feel compelled to give you excuses and they would be as follows:

1.  I’m currently reading The Poisonwood Bible and it’s taking me forever.  While I’m finding it very well written it’s slow going and sometimes just doesn’t hold my attention.  I can happily report it’s going more quickly now that I’m more invested in it and will hopefully be posting a review on that next week.

2.  My husband had an unexpected week off from work (long story, don’t ask) and this always means my productivity gets flushed down the old camode.  Toddler?  No problem!  Toddler and husband?  For some reason- it is.

3.  Back to number one- that book is GINORMOUS!

Now, to answer the question I put forth on Wednesday’s blog- here’s the answer!

1.  I love bungee jumping.  I’ve never been nor do I plan on it.

2.  My favorite book of all time is TwilightNot on your life.

3.  I am a great proficient at the violin.  I’m reasonably certain any sound coming from a violin I was attempting to play would sound like nails on a chalkboard.

4.  My husband is easily content with everything I tell him.  He isn’t.  Generally we like to question each other in some philosophical manner even if it isn’t philosophical.  It’s our strange version of entertainment.

5.  Pixar and I have such a deep love connection I could watch each movie all the time.   Two years ago I could have sworn this to be true.  Now, I know it isn’t.

6.   In my spare time I make my own wine.  Nope, but the hubby does and boy does he do it well!

7.  I sing Edelweiss to my son every night before bed.  And here you go!  My son loves the song so it’s featured nightly in his bedtime ritual.


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