Muppet Mayhem Monday!

First, and this really can’t be stressed enough, I adore Elton John.  His greatest hits collection is always within easy reach when I’m in the car and I have selfishly made my son watch the episode this clip is from JUST so I could watch it again.  [Yeah for having the first two seasons on DVD!!!]  Needless to say there was absolutely no way around me working this into my blog.  Really.  Now, go ahead and click on this little video: 

Admittedly the bit of wisdom I construe from this isn’t so much about writing as it is about the industry of publishing itself and that is…  be careful what you say about the work presented for you never know if the creator, or someone else who had a hand in it getting to market, is right in front of you.  And almost as importantly you don’t know if they’ll have the same good sense of humor as Elton John did.  But, then again, he was dealing with a frog so how offended could he really be?


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