And for my next trick…

All weekend I wondered what I would write for the blog this week.  In fact, I have pondered what pieces of art I would actually discuss for today’s post for at least a week!  You ever have one of those feelings that you should get something specific done RIGHT NOW then decide you can afford to procrastinate a bit more?  Well, that’s what I did and now I find myself at my computer with a bandage over the middle finger of my left hand and hoping I don’t lose the tip of it.  Who knew making French Toast could be so perilous?  Well, I suppose most people do if they’ve ever decided to cut the baguette with a beautiful serrated knife before the hour of which full mental alertness has taken place.  Alas, I was not that person this morning.

So that means working on Thursday’s final episode and the book review should be very interesting since my typing speed is probably about half what it normally is with way worse frequency of errors.  All apologies, folks.

Please, learn from my mistake:  Friends don’t let friends cut baguettes at obscene hours of the morning while sleep deprived.  This has been a public service announcement.


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