Muppet Monday

As I continue working through the new manuscript I find myself editing as I go.  Not the full out hack and slash of course, but simply a “that’s repetitive” type of thing.  Generally that’s something I would reserve for a time when I have a larger chunk completed than the mere 23 pages (8k words) I have done.  Instead, I find the prose mattering a great deal to me after I right the first draft.  You might ask what this has to do with the Muppets and I offer you this clip:

No way, no how do I want to find I have effectively typed a bunch of “Mahna Mahna”s when I begin the full on editing process.  Although, if my “Mahna Mahna”s were as funny as the alien Muppets in the video people just might be okay with it.

Anyone have moments of “Mahna Mahna” moments in their writing?


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