Blog Link Love and Shout Outs

Due to the most recent loss of my grandfather I am somewhat dislocated – Southwest Ohio, to be exact – and do not have a review to post.  Unfortunately, that is mostly due to my not finishing “Watership Down” as yet despite the three weeks I’ve already had it on loan from the library.  So in lieu of the Friday book review I am going to leave you with a few links to some very cool cats that I’ve recently discovered.  Please, check them out and give their blogs a little love.

Cruising Altitude

Under the Tiki Hut

Bookworm Chronicles

Journaling Woman

Kelly’s Compositions

Sharp Pen/Dull Sword

Silver Lining

Straight from Hel

Whole Latte Life

I will be driving back after the services to hopefully soothe the little toddler who is wandering around the house, pointing around randomly and saying “Mama?” If all goes well I’ll be home sometime in the wee hours of Saturday morning after sharing the 13hr drive home with my father (he’s promised an abundance of caffeine and my own music selection).  Muppet Monday will, barring any unforeseen events go on per usual.  I would also like to take this time to say thank you to all who stopped by on Wednesday and leaving a wonderful comment.  Each one meant a great deal to me and has helped bolster me during this very trying time.  I’m sorry I have been unable to respond to each one, but please know I’ve read them all and am very grateful.


22 responses to “Blog Link Love and Shout Outs

  • Joy

    Hi, Kimberly,

    Please accept my condolences on your loss. I know that you have many precious memories that will sustain you.

    Thanks for sharing the links above.

  • Courtney Vail

    Hi Kimberly,

    I’m so sorry for your loss. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers.

    ~ Courtney

  • jessicabookworm

    My condolences on your loss Kimberly. x .

  • Carol Kilgore

    Have a safe drive back home. That toddler will give you huge hugs and kisses.

    And thank you for the kind mention.

  • Glynis

    You take of the time you need. We miss you but we can certainly wait a while. This is important to you.

    You’re reading Watership Down? That it one of my all time favorites. It’s kind of long but every chapter is needed to tell the story about those bunnies. I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I did.

    • kimberlyloomis

      Thanks, Glynis. RE: Watership Down – Ugh. The writing is quite good, world building done very well, but I keep having a bad feeling in my gut so it’s taking me a bit to get through it. 🙂

  • Joanne

    Wishing you and your family much peace this weekend. Thanks for the mention, and take care.

  • Jemi Fraser

    So sorry for your loss – it’s so difficult. Treasure those memories. Take care on the drive back and take care of yourself and your family.

    • kimberlyloomis

      Thanks, Jemi. My father and I made really good time ESPECIALLY considering all the construction. Glad to see you’re back online! I’ll be back to hopping around to blogs today/tomorrow. 🙂

  • Meika

    Sorry for your loss. Have a safe trip home 🙂

  • Elliot Grace

    …so sorry for your loss Kimberly:( …as for being dislocated in Ohio…I’ve been dislocated here in Central Buckeye for nearly two decades now,(former southerner.) Yearning for a taste of salty air!

    • kimberlyloomis

      I can only imagine! Being an East Coaster being landlocked baffles me every time and that’s to say nothing of the complete flatness of Southwestern Ohio. I never thought flat could be so disorienting!

  • Teresa

    I sorry for your loss, Kimberly. It’s hard to lose anyone associated to us.

    Just think of Ohio as a new character – give her life, Kimberly – make her live. 🙂

    I have visited many of these sites. The others I will visit. Great list!

    • kimberlyloomis

      Thank you for your kind words, Teresa. And, alas, after watching the entire flat state stretch out before my father and I on our way home I can’t think of too much to say to make Ohio live. Although, as always, the people are very interesting to take in. Much to be said for small town folks – the camaraderie and community are wonderful. I still think flying over it the whole thing looks like someone ironed a quilt to within an inch of its life.

  • Mae

    I’ve been reading your posts but I really don’t have anything comforting to say. Everything just sounds very cliched and … wimpy but I do hope by saying a ‘proper’ good bye it will bring just a little bit of comfort to you.

    Some great links there too. 🙂

    • kimberlyloomis

      Mae, Thank you. Just hearing your thoughts is so very much appreciated and truly give me comfort. It’s so strange – as writers we struggle for the right words frequently, then at some incredibly poignant moment it becomes apparent that sometimes it only matters that something kind was said and the specifics matter not at all.

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