Muppet (and Monty Python) Mayhem Monday!

As you have probably noticed I decided to add a little something non-Muppet to Muppet Monday this week.  And it would be my absolute favorite song from the live Monty Python shows – The Philosopher Song.  I’ll get to that in a minute.  First, I want to just say the clip from the Muppets speaks to me about timing.  Comedy, in my not so humble opinion, is all about timing.  Same goes for writing.  You can get away with doing the expected in a book pretty regularly so long as the timing is good.  That is to say – things shouldn’t happen in exactly the manner in which the reader expects.  There needs to be the element of surprise, the anticipation of an event continuously building while still encouraging the questions of when.  While it’s easy to expect some of the silliness in the two minute clip I still started to giggle, never knowing quite how or when “it” would happen.  I hope you find the same enjoyment and the same giggles.

Please, beware of the profanity in the below Monty Python skit for there is a little bit.  Hope you enjoy!


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