Helping Hands and RWA Nationals

I do apologize for this cheater of a post, but last evening I spent time at a presentation that was supposed to memorialize the Kent State shootings and did not get to writing a blog.  More’s the pity.  While I very much wish to regale you with tales of how awesome and moving the whole experience was – I can’t.  It was a profound disappointment.

For now, however, I would like to direct you to a rather large site frequented by romance readers and authors for more about what’s happening in Nashville.  The city is in a lot of trouble right now and could use some good ole’ TLC from those who are able to give it.


2 responses to “Helping Hands and RWA Nationals

  • Jemi Fraser

    How sad that the memorial didn’t live up to expectations. It’s such an important even to remember.

    • kimberlyloomis

      I totally agree, Jemi. I wished so much for a heart rending tale of recollections and lessons learned from such a tragedy. Instead I got a guy who was advocating following Trotsky’s example with seemingly no understanding of the USSR’s history.

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