The New Project

A while back I did a questionnaire as a way of introducing myself and in it I said I never gave up on projects.  Well, here I am hip deep in a new project and I am left thinking I will never go back to that old work of the erotomaniac’s journey to healing and Paris.  I fell out of love with writing solely character driven pieces when I became entrenched in the idea of espousing my views and even dark visions through plot driven work.  The truth is – I got bored.  I wanted the world to be impacting the character the way I see it happening in real life – not simply on an individual basis.  While my work still focuses primarily upon the power of a person, this one is exceedingly different in that the events I address are happening to everyone on some level but shows how a person addresses those systemic flaws and dangers.  This is the book I knew I wanted to write more than a year ago and so, despite the very darkness of it, I am thrilled beyond measure to add words to it every day.

I’ve had good encouragement from my crit partner (thanks, Heather!) that bolsters me as I sit alone at my laptop with nary another peep from the world indicating I should keep on doing this.  In truth this has been a tremendous lesson to me about the craft of writing – both in choosing the path I want to entrench myself in as well as how much respect authors warrant for slogging on without cheerleading, accolades or any guarantee of fame.

As students we had the benefit of getting grades (or sometimes the disappointment of them) as a way of holding in our hands something to push us to do better or as a reward for having done well.  When working on a novel, however, there is no such encouragement excepting those we let into the world we are creating.   But, in the three dimensional world of the artist, one which becomes increasingly built upon the notions of instant gratification and accolades, the discipline becomes harder won.  Well, at least it does for me.  I want that tactile affirmation that what I’m doing is affecting someone as a way of buoying the hope it will affect others when it sees the true light of day.

In Friday’s post I mentioned using external sources as a means of inspiring ambition within me  – there are songs, quotes and movies which bolster and push me to pursue the gauntlet of publication, to communicate my visions and ideals, and so I offer you some others.  Passion, near as I can tell, is contagious and can lead each of us to cheer on our inner hero.  It is to that notion I say:  “May I never get an inoculation.  Despite hardship and frustrations, I hope to never be immune to either.”

If you have never seen “V for Vendetta” I would encourage you to NOT watch the first clip – same goes for the last two if you haven’t seen “Last of the Mohicans”.  [The first requires you to click directly on the video itself to be brought to youtube for viewing.]

For the romantic in me:


10 responses to “The New Project

  • Jan

    As someone who put aside her art for quite a few years, quite a few times, I can guarantee you that when your soul calls to you and tells you that you must follow your own path–one not necessarily followed by anyone else, you need to listen. Otherwise you have to live with a stillborn idea inside that calls even as a rotting carcass. Don’t ever give up your dream! Nothing in the world is worth that! Never doubt that when spirit calls you to do something, it is worthy of you–and you of it.

    • Patience

      Beautifully spoken! By all means follow your intuition!

      @Jan, you summed the call of the soul up perfectly!
      I really can’t add anything to it.

      Being an author is having angels whisper in your ear – and devils, too. ~Graycie Harmon

    • kimberlyloomis

      Thanks, Jan. Good words!

  • DL Hammons

    with nary another peep from the world indicating I should keep on doing this

    For me, this sums up the experience of an aspiring first time novelist. Eloquently phrased!

  • Jemi Fraser

    I agree with DL – that’s a great line and totally speaks to me as well. It’s tough learning to rely mostly on your own and listening to your own self.

    • kimberlyloomis

      Thanks, Jemi. So very true when we’re taught, at least I was, to rely so heavily upon external sources of reward and encouragement.

  • veronicagaudreau

    I must say that I did not heed your advice. I watched both clips despite not having seen either movie before. And while watching them, all I could think of is, “Oh my, I haven’t seen too many movies, have I? These are staples, aren’t they?”
    Great clips, however. Now, I need to find some to add to mine. I’ve been procrastinating making a blog of my own. No more!

    • kimberlyloomis

      Veronica – Lol! Well, I think those movies are staples, but I am incredibly biased about those two particular ones. I adore Daniel Day-Lewis and V just wouldn’t have been V without Hugo Weaving’s wonderful voice. Yeah for you joining the blogging world! I’ll add yours to my blogroll!

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