The Week Off

Sometimes you have one of those weeks that just requires a little habdashery of pictures taken a la internet to aptly describe it.  Here is how my week off from blogging went.

My two year old, usually pretty awesome and sometimes easy to please, came down with a cold.  So all that stuff I just said about him?  Yeah, that was seemingly null and void.  The day seemed to start off with something like this: 

and would wind up with something like this:

Which, Heaven help me, led me to considering this:

It also led me to start using “For the love of Chrysler!” as a way of giving vent to my frustrations.  Communicating with a two year old struggling with his language is difficult on the best days, add that to the mix of not feeling well tantrums and short fuses also leads one to this:

It was one hell of a rough week with additional stresses involving the purchase of a business as well as judging snafus and insecurities.  All I can really say is:  I survived and, after having a small amount of time to myself, sanity seems to still be present and accessible.  Even if I’m frayed slightly around the edges I can honestly say I’m impressed I got through it without once doing this:

*  All pictures were taken from this site.


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