Monty Python Monday!

Today’s post is inspired by the new challenge I am currently not working on.  That’s right, I’m not working on it.  You might ask yourself why, or possibly even want to chide or browbeat me with such obvious statements like “you’ll never know if you don’t try” or “try, try and try again”.  Mayhap you’ll even give me a little pep talk and tell me you’re sure I can do it.  And right now my only response would be:

To answer that burning question I know is rattling around in your mind this Monday morning the challenge is to write a song.  Now, I’m not talking musically, Heaven knows that’s less intimidating to me than what I’m actually going to start working on soon.  Nope, I’m trying to simply write words for a song that is rather thematic and will be a very integral piece of the story.  First thing is, of course, to work on a melody – although I might very well just borrow one that’s already been written then put my words to the tune.  Alas, this scares me out my mind.  It’s easy for me to get sidetracked in projects by ANYTHING that seems deserving of my obsessive personality critical eye and so I run away as quick take my time going about it.  In my quest to not work on the song and for a bit of hilarity I just put Monty Python into the search section of youtube and came up with the below clips.  Neither song’s tune will be utilized for my work, but what the heck?  It’s Monty Python Monday!


13 responses to “Monty Python Monday!

  • Instant Kaamos

    How about Eric idle singing “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.”? It’s a great little number and when I got married, it was number 100 on the list of suggested music provided by Wandsworth Town Hall’s marriage service. In the end we decided against having it in the ceremony itself but got the DJ to play it as the final number of the party. Apparently it went down a storm but sadly we had already slipped out the back!

  • Teresa

    Well little missy, (wagging finger at you) you can do what you put your mind to.

    Actually, this is true, but sometimes we get stumped. Can you listen to or read something that will inspire you in that direction?

    thanks for monty and have a great day.


    • kimberlyloomis

      Teresa, I’m going to listen to various anthems and see if I can pick up some musical and lyrical cues. After that – who knows? Glad you enjoyed the clips!

  • Carol Kilgore

    Good luck with your song. Love the cat.

  • Hart

    I once saw a brilliant rendition to the Lumberjack song for
    “I’m a Deatheater and I’m okay, I spy all night and I teach all day.”

    It was the origin of my crossdressing death eater theory *nods*

    Seriously though–You can do it! Alternate lyrics aren’t so hard.

  • Jemi Fraser

    Song writing – especially when you have a specific goal in mind – isn’t easy – Good luck with it!! 🙂

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