Monty Python Monday!

Just a few clips today while I go plunge my foot into a vat of ice.  [Okay, not really – but it HAS resided in that particular substance almost as often as not lately.]

This first clip is in honor of DL over at Cruising Altitude.  Please, go check out his blog and of course watch the clip.

Do you have a favorite Monty Python skit?  Perhaps even a Muppet Show episode?  Would love to hear what tickles your funny bone.


13 responses to “Monty Python Monday!

  • Teresa

    The last thing to make me belly laugh was the movie It’s Complicated. I watched it twice to get my belly to laugh again. It was hilarious.

    • kimberlyloomis

      Teresa – I want to see that! Glad to hear it’s laugh inducing! Will definitely be bumping that up on my queue. 🙂

  • Hart

    My kids called me downstairs Saturday–they’d put in the Holy Grail–for starters, I can’t even get through the credits without dying… the moose stuff… then 400 Mexican Whooping Llamas–MAN it’s good stuff. But I did notice I kept say, ‘wait no, this is my favorite part!’ All things considered though, i have to go with the French taunting…

  • Jemi Fraser

    Anything with Beaker on it from the Muppets. 🙂 Love it. My dad was a HUGE MP fan, so I know a few. I like the silly walks.

  • Carol Kilgore

    Me again. I just now backtracked and read about your foot. Oh no! Broke my right ankle a few years ago. And, of course, hubby had the ankle infection a couple of months ago. The big black boot looks pretty darn familiar – LOL. Take care.

    • kimberlyloomis

      Carol- Thanks for the well wishing. And, omg about your medical supplies. At least you can keep on using it! And I really hope you never need it/them again. 🙂

  • DL Hammons

    That was awesome! Thank you for that…really!! One of my favorite skits of theirs is “I’m here for an argument.” Another classic!!!

  • Corra McFeydon

    What are they saying? ‘Nicht?’

    I’ve never seen Monty Python. I think it must be one of those things you love or hate… this doesn’t inspire me to love it. LOL. (Sorry! I wish I loved it!)

    ‘Knights who so recently say “nicht.”‘ Okay, that line was funny.

    ‘Family Guy’ tickles my funny bone. Also, my brother, because I’ll be laughing so hard at something he said tears are rolling down my face, and he only stands over me staring and says, ‘Get a hold of yourself.’

    Strange dry humor makes me laugh. The kind that makes most people scratch their head. 🙂

    (Could be Monty Python would grow on me. I haven’t seen enough to tell.)

    – Corra

    the victorian heroine

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