Visual Art Inspiration

It’s been a long time since I last spoke of visual art and how inspirational it can be, but at long last I decided to commit to another one.  The following painting, titled The fate of the animals, is one which goes against what normally moves me in art.  Marc’s angles are sharp and irrepressible, the colors not varying over much (i.e. not much by way of shading) and there is nothing that strikes me as particularly romantic.  Still, the jarring qualities work incredibly well and were able to invoke in me something akin to what Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite can.

The colors are almost reflective in some areas giving one the impression of shards piercing through the objects or perhaps simply things we’re looking through to see all the animals.  It’s a violent portrayal seemingly meant to jolt the viewer into thinking of these creatures, the consequences of humanity upon it as well as the very idea of survival.  [Do you see what could look like blood at the just left of center near the top?]  Admittedly these views are all wholly subjective, but for me this also speaks to some of the most powerful writing I’ve ever beheld upon a page.

Just because each word is used with unfailing marriage to a particular definition does not mean art can not be created, that emotions can not be wrought, through it.  In my opinion it means that every word, ever piece of grammar matters almost overwhelmingly in order for full understanding of the work to be pursued.  It’s always up to the reader how they choose to interpret the works before them, but it is up to the artist themselves to make a conscious choice as to what they want to communicate, vaguely or specifically, ideologically or emotionally, it is all the choice of the artist.  Some styles are easier to take in and be moved by, but sometimes that extra time spent, the critical eye and pushing of our comfort zones is well worth it.

What do you think of this painting?  Is it successful as a piece of art?  Does it evoke anything from you as a viewer?  Is there any art, literary or otherwise, you find yourself preferring a certain style over another?


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