Another peek!

I promise you, this blog is not going to turn into a peep show.  Really.  Well, unless you count taking a look at my wretchedly messy bookshelves as a peep show.  I daresay this kind of show will not garner any throwing of money nor, I can only guess, encourage any kind of lascivious behavior.  Can one get lascivious with books?  Huh.  I suppose that’s something we can all ponder while we…  Look!  A distraction!

Before I unveil the photos that Mae over at the Mad Bibliophile had mentioned being interested in I want to first warn you.  My bookshelves are a mess.  Truly they’re just about bordering on a catastrophe in part due to the atrocity that is my basement.  While I’ve been planning on doing a post like this for a while I kept putting it off in the vein attempt of waiting until the basement was cleaned and I could get an excellent shot of all my bookcases sans brewing supplies.  [Hubby brews and his “area” delegated for said supplies has kind of, errr, spilled over.]

Now that’s out of the way – BEHOLD!

TBR shelves, miscellaneous read romance/fantasy and cookbooks.

Bookshelf Numero Dos

<—Yes, there are actually two shelves cut out of the picture and they are chock full of cook books.  Have I mentioned that hubby and I love to cook and eat good food?  No?  Well, we do.  We’re the people you hope will invite you to dinner.  Hubby provides the main courses while I do some bangin’ side dishes and desserts.  Hopefully we’ll be able to add “Larousse Gastronomique” to our collection.  Yeah for French food!

Okay, on with the tour.  The next bookshelf (R) is a hodge podge of books.  This is primarily the fiction shelf with a heavy helping of philosophy, poetry, a couple biographies, and, on the shelf you can’t see at the bottom, my oodles of music books.  The works of fiction on a couple of shelves are actually alphabetically organized by author but I have no idea about all the books lying on top.  I’m reasonably certain they mostly belong on my TBR shelf but it’s a little full.  Did I mention I have two library books on my piano?  *sigh*

One might think that’s enough books and, for some, I suppose it would be more than enough.  Not for hubby and I!  Behold the

Bookshelf Numero Tres!

Romance, Kafka, and Solzhenitsyn - oh my!

fabulousness that is our third bookshelf (L)!  Since you might want a closer peek at the absurd smattering of titles here’s a couple of close ups:

Did I mention we like History?

We’re almost done folks! Kind of…  These shelves (BS Quatro) house our Shakespeare collection as well as some books by one of my favorite psychology authors, Irvin Yalom, and of course there’s Rand, Heller, Golden and some of our New Age books.  Have I mentioned that we’re a curious family with an absolutely insatiable hunger for all things knowledge?

Shakespeare, romance and general fiction. AKA: Bookshelf Numero Quatro!

Then comes our mega non-fiction psychology shelves courtesy of a dear friend of mine who passed away a couple years ago. Please don’t mind the gloves.  Those are from when I had my bag all set up for practicing my martial arts punches and what not (some days I really miss that thing).

Bookshelf Numero Cinco!

And the final bookshelf (What?  You thought we were done?  For shame!) is another hodge podge that has still more non-fiction works on it.  A few autobiographies are housed on these shelves as well and, of course, language books.

Language, Biographies and other helpful books.

I seriously have a thing for languages.  Did I mention I minored in Chinese? Well, now I did!

So, dear reader, how do you organize your shelves?  Subject?  Author?

Next Friday:  Book review of The Piano Teacher.


30 responses to “Another peek!

  • Chris

    Mine are currently organized by gravity (Newtonian, not emotional intensity). In better times they’d be arranged somewhat by subject (philosophy/fiction, etc), and then by author.

    • kimberlyloomis

      Haha! Love it. Perhaps someday they’ll be back in a more readily identifiable space (besides “in a pile”). 😉

  • Jes Mauldin

    Mine were nicely arranged on a bookshelf by author, size and color..yes I am that anal about organizing. But alas with the new baby on the way,the bookshelves came down, and they have been tucked into plastic storage bins, or inside a dresser drawer.

    • kimberlyloomis

      Oh, Jes. I hope you can find room for those books at some point. If you have a place on another floor away from where the little one will be freely roaming I’d recommend it. I don’t know how children do it, but before they even start walking they can pull books off shelves. It’s the darndest thing.

  • Helen Ginger

    That’s a lot of books. Mine are divided by signed and unsigned books, then each arranged alphabetically (or, at least at one time they were). Then there are the Resource books on writing, Dreamweaver, poisons, drugs, cadavers, police procedural textbooks. I stack my own books on top of those. I say I need more shelves. What I need is to cull the books I have.

    Straight From Hel

    • kimberlyloomis

      Wow, Helen. I clearly need to get on top of my book organization. That’s an impressive way of arranging them.

  • DL Hammons

    Our books are scattered around the entire house. There’s two shelves in the living room, two in the recreation room, one in a spare bedroom, and tons still in boxes. 😦 I want a library…even a messy one!

    • kimberlyloomis

      DL – I can’t imagine having to go hunting all over the place for them! [Ignore that I actually have a few on my nightstand and several on my piano as well as those catastrophic bookshelves.] Hope you get that library soon!

  • Joanne

    Wow, you’ve got a whole latte books going on there! My bookshelves are organized by sections, fiction, nonfiction and classics. In the classics is a small collection I have of old, illustrated novels, my favorite type of book!

    • kimberlyloomis

      I can’t recall ever owning or viewing a classic with illustrations, Joanne. I think I need to hunt some down. 🙂 When I get around to rearranging our library I think that’s how I’ll set it up as well. Currently classics are on the same shelves as more recent works (I definitely do NOT consider “The Lost Symbol” a classic. :P)

  • lola sharp

    I love pictures of people’s books! (I have posted a couple of mine months ago) I actually think yours look quite organized, tidy.

    I think we are up to 15 full sized book shelves (as in 7ft high, 5 or 6 shelves, and 4 ft wide) and several shorter/3 shelfers in spare rooms (hardback gardening, decorating, pets; random cheesy , guilty-pleasure paperbacks) and the basement (for overflow cook books and music etc.) I won’t even go into my stacks of magazine that I hoard. *blushes with shame*

    As for my ‘organization’ (<–tongue in cheek) of them…I separate fiction from non-fic, hardbacks from paperbacks (usually), classics have their own shelves, as do reference books, and our daughter's shelves house all the YA (she's 14 and reads a lot). I try to organize by author, but sometimes (always) it gets mashed.

    My TBR is stacked (high) in piles on the floor by my bed. I suppose I could use a book shelf for them.

    Maybe when I get home from this vacation, I'll do another shelf post. Thanks for sharing, and for the post inspiration.

    Sorry I haven't been by in so long…this vacation is killing me. We're past the 3 week mark, and we have a week and 1/2 to go….but I think (hope) I've convinced Husband and Child to leave 'early', like, this weekend. Between gaining 20 pounds, not having time to read or write, and the bugs/lack of AC here, I'm ready to go home. When I do get home and back to my real life, I'll catch up on everyones blog posts. I miss you guys.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    • kimberlyloomis

      Lola – Anytime! And wow… that’s a LOT of books. I hope you do that post upon your return as I would love to see what they look like!

      My goodness but that’s a long vacation – especially with no AC! Yikes! Safe travels to you and yours!

  • Carol Kilgore

    I might trade wine and chocolate for extra bookshelves and room to put them. Cookbooks are in the kitchen. Fiction I’ve read and kept is in various rooms, a shelf or two here, a closet there. Most of the “family non-fiction” is in my live-in handyman’s office. My TBR shelf is in my office along with writing books, crime reference books, autographed books, and copies of my own work.

    • kimberlyloomis

      Ohhhh, an office. That, right there, is something I am quite envious of, Carol. And the cookbooks in the kitchen. 😉 Someday I hope to achieve both. That’s a wonderfully efficient way of organizing them.

  • Jemi Fraser

    Love your shelves! My hubby is not a reader, so I don’t have quite so many! I’ve got a gorgeous shelf a friend made for me for our wedding. It’s organized by colour and size and it’s where people can see it. Looks beautiful.

    The other shelves tend to be a lot less organized, although I do tend to group by author and sometimes genre. Then I stack as well. Everywhere. 🙂

    • kimberlyloomis

      Home made bookshelves from a friend? What a wonderful gift! I can totally understand wanting to use it as somewhat of a show piece. 🙂 Haha – yeah for stacks!

  • Al

    Our books are vaguely grouped by fiction/non -fiction. Other than that it is pretty much chaos.

  • Arlee Bird

    I did a similar post earlier this year. My books are like D L’s–all over the house. I wish I had one of those big fancy library rooms so all the books could be organized in one place.

    Tossing It Out

    • kimberlyloomis

      Lee – That’s a bummer! How do you find your books? Do you stack randomly? A fancy library room is definitely something I aim for someday as well. 🙂

      • Arlee Bird

        I keep all of my most likely to be used books in my writing office ordered according to what they are (writing, reference, religion, literature, misc history and others). We keep books for show that are no longer used much (encyclopedias and other sets)on living room shelves and in hallways, other assorted books in my wife’s office and garage (some still in boxes), and there is a nice little selection of reading in our guest room for company to read if they want to retreat for solitary time. I mostly know where what I really need is.

        Tossing It Out

      • kimberlyloomis

        Lee – How wonderful you have books available to guests! I can hardly think of a better way to make a guest feel welcome and at home.

  • Lua

    I love seeing other people’s bookshelves, learning how they organize their books so I’m OK with your blog turning into a ‘peep show’ for the bookworms 🙂
    I tried so many times but I can never organize my books according to… anything! So I just put them on the shelves and force myself to memories where they are 😉

    • kimberlyloomis

      Lua – Haha! That’s quickly what my organization has gone toward – memorize where I put it. Not that it really works at this point… 😉 Yeah for bibliophile peep shows!

  • Corra McFeydon

    Oh goodness… am I supposed to organize them?

    They’re in my closet, under my bed, on a side desk, in a rolling cart, stacked on the plant stand, and all over the floor. Oh, and some are in my writing desk. And a couple are in the bathroom.

    And they’re in no order. (Which is how I do most things.)


    – Corra

    The Victorian Heroine

  • martha drummond

    Looks like a healthy collection of reading material, no doubt valuable in terms of content. If you cull through the collection a little bit at a time, you may be able to find a used book seller who would give you a little bit of money. The trick is going through this process a little bit at a time. Personal libraries are treasures, informational and sentimental. The greatest advantage in culling of course would be freeing up space. It is hard to give up books. I have been to the Book Barn in Niantic. Cannot believe the wide assortment of used books that they have- real libraries in of themselves. Hope you are having some fun this weekend. I may try to make some ginger beer and will be acquiring some bottles from Rich. – Marth

    • kimberlyloomis

      Martha – You know he’s always around and ready to help with your beverage making! I truly must get down there one of these days. I just gave away several books to a friend who tuned my piano and so it might be time to replenish (haha). Every few months we go through our books (okay, I go through them) and see what I might be able to part with – either for money or just the sake of space. But, as you said, so difficult to come to grips with parting from them sometimes. Makes me think very cautiously about removing them from my home permanently.

  • J.L. Campbell

    Hmmm…I wouldn’t be surprised if you both went into the restaurant business. And yep, that’s a lotta books.

    My husband knew of my love for books before we married, so we have a huge one in the living room, course there’s the other one I bought that’s now in the bedroom. Should I mention the fact that it’s chock-full? I had a system, truly I did, until the day someone did a tidying up. The books have never been the same since.

    • kimberlyloomis

      Joy – Every Christmas we do home made gift baskets. I do the baking of cookies, breads and things while Rich bottles and gifts his home made wine (or beer depending upon the recipient’s taste). I’m thinking this year I’m going to make some chocolate truffles, too. We’ll see how that goes.

      That tidying up will ALWAYS get you, imo. You can always try to arrange them again, but sometimes one can get sucked into reading some old and forgotten favorites in the process. 😉

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