A Dream Combination (and the not so wanted interloper)

On Monday I had the wonderful pleasure of heading down to the beach with a friend for a wonderful, kid-free day.  Now, I know that doesn’t make me sound like parent of the year material or anything, but when you are around a 2.5 year old ALL THE TIME you need that break.  Back to the beach story, it was wonderful.  Truth be told it was everything I don’t remember about Connecticut beaches except for the cold water.  That is to say the sand was nice and not overly rocky, the weather was warm, sky was clear and it wasn’t horrifically humid.  Yeah!!!!

I totally forgot to bring my camera (and a towel) so I offer you this picture (credit) I found online:

Doesn’t that look fabulous?  Unfortunately it ultimately was the scene of that unwanted visitor known as sunburn.  Absurdly I rather thought my legs were stuanchly resistant to the sun and that no way would anything change the pasty appearance of them.  I was wrong.  I am now sporting a rather impressive sunburn from about the knee down – including the tops of my feet.  You know it’s going to be bad when you’re turning red before you leave the beach (in my case only about two hours after being on the darned thing).  This is also my first experience with sand fleas.  Color me not impressed.

Back to the good parts of this outing (aside from hanging with an awesome friend) we also went to a couple bookstores.  There are three Book Barns in Niantic and we went to two of them.  I walked away with this pile (well, that pile plus two romance novels I didn’t photograph): 

One might wonder at how much such a haul would cost and I’m here to tell you the answer.  $25.  Really.  All the paperbacks and children’s books (excepting the Winnie the Pooh volume) were a dollar a piece, the two hardcovers were $4 a piece.  I wish I had taken pictures of the wondrousness that was the two branches of the Book Barn, but suffice it to say many of the shelves were floor to ceiling and there were tons.  You want a novel with out of print covers?  Want to spend a buck or, in some instances, five on said books?  This is the place for you.  I’m the last person that needs to buy any books, but for a buck or four a piece why should I resist?  The only thing I’ll do different next time is to bring a list of titles to look up for family and friends as well as books I no longer wish to house in my own library.

And, now, I must wander off and reapply some aloe and hydrocortisone cream.  At least I have books to keep me company when I’m not dodging the little feet of my son!  What about you?  Any summer time adventures?


12 responses to “A Dream Combination (and the not so wanted interloper)

  • martha drummond

    I got locked out of my house yesterday afternoon. What a dufus I am and waited for a neighbor to get home from work to get spare keys. Normally I have a spare hidden outside of house. So I had the joy of going to the library , swimming, weight lifting exercises, and whole foods. I am one stiff bugger at this point, but have an arm full of wonderful books to read and follow up computer contacts to make that I started at library. There were a number of other misplaced and homeless people enjoying the comfort of the library when I was there. I note that they have fewer comfortable chairs there to sit in, possibly due to suspected race to occupy chairs on any given day. I’m smiling. We should have guessed that the soles of your feet would be sunburned (ouch). You’ll have to find some baloon slippers to walk on – or invent some. You know like those inflated rubber things you can sit on when your back side is sore- but design it for the feet. Would be good for blistered feet- or achey arthritic feet. Give Rich the idea, and I am sure he could design it. A brand new recently off the press book I am reading is ” Bliss, Remembered,” by sports writer, Frank Deford. For those of us who love to swim and who are getting a bit on the grey side, it is absolutely wonderful. Main character is young American woman who goes to Berlin to compete in swimming in Olympics 1936 and falls in love with a German. You have to read this….It is wonderful. Fondly, Martha

  • Carol Kilgore

    Congrats on the book haul! I’m with you on the sand fleas – nasty little buggers. But I still love the beach 🙂

    Under the Tiki Hut

  • Laura Marcella

    I’m glad you had such a great time! I love finding bookstores like that. I can’t resist buying books when they’re $10, lol, so I definitely come home with a huge pile of books when they’re only a couple bucks each!

  • Courtney Vail

    I’ve never met the acquaintance of sand fleas, thank goodness. Hope you recover from your sunburn quickly. How nice that you got some good books though. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

  • Teresa

    Don’t make me lecture you on sunburn. Don’t make me.

    We have a library bookstore where the hardbound books are a buck and paperback are 25 to 50 cents each. Little children books? Free. They aren’t just from the library they are also newish publications donated to support the Library.

    I come home with a haul and feeling quite wonderful each time I go.

  • Bethany

    Used to live in Santa Cruz, CA. I understand the beach flea hate.

    THIS is the kind of place I need to find here – I WANT the original Christopher Pike covers!

  • Anne

    Good finds! I had a summertime adventure in Hawaii where I learned something very important – lots of aloe vera products contain alcohol, which dries out your skin! I don’t know which brands offhand don’t contain alcohol, but they’re out there.

  • Mae

    That sounds like a beautiful day. I don’t do too well in the sun too and people don’t believe me when I tell them my feet can get burned too as well as my scalp!

    Those books look great. I love the look of The Odyssey and On Liberty. I wonder if the store have a problem with all the sand flicking off people who have just come in from the beach?!

  • Lua

    Aww I know all about those sun burns… But aloe should help, keep applying!
    Sounds like you had the best day! An awesome friend, bookstores and the beach… I’m jealous, I should make a beach day before the summer ends! 🙂

  • lola sharp

    A day to ourselves does not make us bad parents…it makes us better parents, better people.

    A happy, relaxed mommy is a good mommy.

    I liken it to the airplane steward’s pre-flight safety lesson: put on YOUR air mask first.

    This way we are BETTER equipped to help others… or parent.

    I LOVE the beach…but HATE sand fleas. Sorry you had sand fleas and a wicked sunburn. But YAY for the book loot!

    Happy Summertime!

  • amkuska

    I miss bookstores like that. You’re making my heart ache.

  • J.L. Campbell

    That bookstore sounds like heaven and the sand fleas sounds like hell. Pretty much at work all day, so no beach trips for me. Funny how those of us live near the beach take it for granted!

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