Lazy Day(s)

Okay, so I was totally going to review a book by a seriously awesome, relatively new, historical romance author and I kinda blew it.  Since I have been a blog slacker this week I would like to offer a habdashery of music I like/groove to as well as a few funnies.  Hope you enjoy and that you just might come back next week even though I’m currently tending to a house that is suddenly looking like this (credit):

First, I would like to introduce to you the Jane Austen Fight Club!  Yeah, yeah, I know it’s been going around but what’s the harm in sharing?  I figure since it isn’t the flu or mono then it would be okay.  So, enjoy (again)! 

Second, a song and video that never fails to crack me up: 

And finally, for the Twilight lovers and haters out there: 

What tickles your funny bone?


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