Hedonistic Delights

I actually had been working myself up to this big idea post about selfishness, it’s blatant misrepresentation and anhilation (sometimes deserved), as well as the poor battered ego that has been famously maligned in explanation by Eckhart Tolle and instead wound up in a food coma.  To be clear, that post will go up sometime next week (wouldn’t you know I actually have to finish writing the darned thing first?), but for now I wanted to ramble about my adventures in cooking.

As a stay at home mom it might surprise many of you just how little I would cook.  For the lengthiest of times my son would only eat mac & cheese from a box or PB & J so I felt little need (i.e. got sick of making three meals to only wind up serving a sandwich) to spend the time experimenting over the stove or, for that matter, even following a recipe.    But lately, as finances have required, we’ve tightened our belts and have not even so much as gone to a burger joint or to Taco Bell in a couple weeks.  I’ve been cooking.  Sure, there’s been the cheater day where I just made baked beans while hubby grilled up hot dogs, or where I was eternally grateful he had picked up a FROZEN PIZZA a while back that I could just *gasp* put in the oven, but mostly I’ve been cooking.  I’ve been the one to make the pizza (the dough was bought but NOT a premade shell!), the tortellini with beans, and even made our anniversary dinner.  Okay, so the hubby grilled the salmon, but I prepped it gosh darn it AND I made all the sides and the easiest freaking dessert ever.

Back to this food thing.  Since I had left over asparagus I hunted through my binder of recipes I love/hope to love/want to make and happened across one for chicken crepes with asparagus and mushrooms.  First:  Making crepes takes mad skills I do not yet possess (thanks again to hubby on that one); Second:  I made it all, I just failed to cook the crepes.  Third:  I find myself loving the challenges of cooking.  Most of the time.  Kind of.  Okay, I love the pay off and the idea of having completed something new and having done it well.

Let me reiterate the most important point for me here:  I love the challenge.  Everyone needs goals, something to push themselves toward so they might have a sense of accomplishment and, honestly, writing has been missing that for me lately.  Not because it isn’t a challenge, but because there’s no readily discernible payoff in the form of accolades or food coma smiles.  Day after day I write, I tweak, I hope, then I tweak some more, then write some more…  and forever on it goes while I try and tell myself there’s some good writing in those pages.  It never quite satisfies.  Now, I can go forth into my writing knowing I accomplished something awesome that day – and it was preparing awesome meals cheaper than a restaurant that my family enjoyed.

How do you get your kicks when your in the slumps?  Also, anyone have some recipes they want to share?


6 responses to “Hedonistic Delights

  • martha drummond

    Advise: Read “The Line” by Olga Grushin- Russian American writer with exquisite descriptional skills. (Not unlike Chekov). Plot of this novel addresses philosophical issues surrounding “hope,” “love.” and art and the hidden values of every day life in the face of insurmountable beauracracy. Born in 1971, she has the wisdom and historical perspective of a different era. Keep reading those recipe books and cooking. Saw a great recipies in Yankee Magazine yesterday for baked beans and Indian Pudding.

    From one dreaming person to another, have a great day. Marth

  • sara

    As a homemaker myself, I know I’m biased, but I believe that running a household well, including budgeting well and preparing healthy, tasty meals, is a notable accomplishment. Good on ya.

  • Carol Kilgore

    I love to cook. Really cook, I mean, beyond making the same things night after night for dinner. Have fun with it. Explore. Be creative.

  • Jemi Fraser

    I enjoy cooking and baking – as long as I have the time. I’ve been trolling online looking for new recipes lately – new something new. I like the sound of the crepes 🙂

  • Mercedes

    Your crepes sound delicious! Mmm mmm mmm. Definitely something to be proud of! 😀

  • Lua

    I can’t cook 😦 Being able to cook all those delicious food is one of my biggest goals in life but all I can do is boil water…
    But I do enjoy baking, mostly cakes. When I feel like I’m stuck with my writing I go to my kitchen and get creative with my cakes 🙂

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