My Adventures

I started working out the last couple weeks and, per my typical self, went too far and hurt my back.  Now, I have no idea WHEN I did that since it didn’t bother me on the days I was working out, but it is quite obvious I did something stupid to myself.  Again.  When I get enamored with something I tend to go all out.  I truly thought I was actually doing this safely and gradually.  Did Balance Ball workout a couple times last week (a couple days between work  outs), then mixed it up this week with Balance Ball, day off, Yoga Burn, then a 1.17 mile run, followed by another day off…  Well, today was that day off and I’m walking around crooked.  Color me not excited.

As a result of me being intensely uncomfortable sitting at my computer I am simply going to share some obnoxious music with you as a way of having some queer sort of musical interlude that will act as a distraction from the fact that I actually am not doing a thoughtful post.

Mr. Bungle is one of my favorite groups.  Like, seriously.  The lead singer is actually Mike Patton, you know, that guy who also sang for Faith No More. 

And to continue with a laid back beach theme I offer you Escape, aka The Pina Colada Song:

In case you don’t really care for the beach then why not the mountains? 

That’s all for today, folks.  Hope everyone has a great weekend and, with any luck, I’ll be back in fighting form by Monday.


10 responses to “My Adventures

  • Teresa

    Me tooooo! When I do something I usually go too far and hurt myself or wipe myself out. (Big sigh.)

    Love your video choices. Have a wonderful and restful weekend.


  • laurelrainsnow

    Oh, I’m going to come back for the music…have to run out the door to take my grandson to school! I can relate to the “injuries” during workouts, since I typically go too long in between, and then I overdo it.

  • Carol Kilgore

    Pina Colada! Perfect for the Tiki Hut 🙂
    Have a great weekend.

  • RD Carter

    Rest well- sorry about your back.

    I love finding new music and discovering which music moves people. You picked some great elevator style, watcha nd wait tunes.

    I can’t believe you’re a go-hard-or-go-home kinda gal. 🙂 Expectantly waiting the arrival of the selfishness in a selfless world rant and am preparing my rebuttal as of this moment. 🙂

    Feel better soon!

  • DarcKnyt

    Here’s hoping you’ll get better soon and learn to pace yourself along the way. 😉

    I like John Denver’s music, too. 🙂

  • Hart

    I have back pain and when my boss bought me a massage at Christmass the lady SWORE the balance ball was a good idea–it is suppose to strengthen your CORE so that your back is more stable, BUT, I think it hurts some until you have been doing it regularly for a while.

    The OTHER thing I don’t know if you do enough of (I know I DON’T and it is part of my problem) is stretching. I walk about 35 miles a week and I think it has shortened the tendons in my legs which makes me hold myself funny and hurts my back.

    Anyway… getting acupuncture next week and hoping it helps. What DOES help though, is a brisk walk. Every day my back hurts in the morning (and when I’m lying down) but once I get out there and MOVE, it loosens it all up and doesn’t bother me much the rest of the day.

    Good luck to you–being in pain is the worst!

  • Lua

    Aww that’s too bad- make sure you rest well Kimberly!
    See, this is why I don’t exercise, it’s bad for your health 🙂
    Those were great songs, thank you for sharing them and have a lovely weekend!

  • writes2escape

    Awww, I hope you’re better now! I totally Lol’d at the ‘pina colada song’.=P

  • Anna C. Bowling

    Pina Colada song AND Rocky Mountain High? That puts *me* in a good mood. Take care of yourself and feel better.

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