Let the Misfiring Begin!

As many of you know I did something to my back.  What that something is remains quite unknown while the effects of that “it” are unfortunately not.  Hart was kind enough to mention that moving often times helps back pain and, honestly, there’s a great deal of truth in it.  Largest piece of supporting evidence I have for this is that sitting down, until this evening, has been pretty intolerable.  Of course, that I sat down yesterday to find my internet connection had gone AWOL has not exactly encouraged a good mood that could be construed as anything other than hostile and grumpy.  I still managed to have a few adventures, however.  The first one entailed a lengthy (kind of) car ride to the coast of my home state to wander amidst books at the Book Barn.  Yes, again.  But this time I went to the main building!

How can you not love a place that has a sign like that?  No, seriously…  How?

Idyllic reading spot complete with kitty!

Sign on one of the garden paths.

And while I know everyone will love the pictures of the oodles and oodles of books I really felt the need to share with you the landscape.  The picture to the left is a little respite next to the main book barn (the property has three main buildings filled with books, to say nothing of the stand alone closets and wagons along the way) while that one on the right was along a garden path near the kids’ area.

Where's the Rum Cake seems like a rather boring cake.

The place where the huddled masses enter.

The second adventure I had this week was in NOT taking care of my back, but in making a peach pie.  Lest you find yourself in a similar position please heed my warning:  Do not, under any circumstances, make a pastry dough/pie crust when your back hurts.  No, really, don’t.  Having said that please check out this photographic evidence of how seriously awesome I am.

I got in the kitchen and made him a PIE.

Sorry to be a slacker (again), folks, but the back is mostly feeling better so I aim to be sitting on my butt a wee bit more toward the end of this week and commenting on your lovely blogs to my heart’s contentment.


13 responses to “Let the Misfiring Begin!

  • Teresa

    A great adventure. Yes, keep moving or your muscles will stiffen and you will feel worse. Get well.


  • martha drummond

    Are you taking any over the counter meds for your back ; or icing any spots. Sitting at computer for a long time is probably bad. It does not help my aging joints for sure. If you take a warm bath and do some gentle stretching would it help??? Warm bath would loosen muscles a little- right????- Marth

  • Laura Marcella

    Awww, I’m sorry you’re still feeling back pain. 😦 You should go to a chiropractor. I used to have neck and back problems, but not anymore ever since chiropractic care. It’s terrific because it addresses the problem and heals it rather than just giving pills and masking the pain.

    Good luck and I hope you feel better soon! And that pie looks delicious, YUM!!!

  • laurelrainsnow

    Ah, the back….I can totally relate. I suffered with back pain for years. I had done a number of dastardly things to my back, like falling; having kid clients jump on my back when I was stooped over picking something up; more slip and falls; car accidents, etc.

    The accumulated stress ended up with a herniated disk. Surgery followed. Now it’s better, but I still have to be careful to stretch before exercising and do regular workouts (not my strong suit!).

    Good luck. Yours is probably something that will heal nicely in time. The anti-inflammatory meds help the most, I think, as well as heat (Ice in the beginning; heat later).

    Love your photographic journey and the pie!

  • Carol Kilgore

    A woman’s gotta do what a woman’s gotta do. Sometimes it’s books; sometimes pies. Back’s be damned.

  • writes2escape

    I’m so jealous. We don’t have any awesome looking places like this in my country. Humph! And the pie looks ah-mazing! =P

  • DarcKnyt

    Great adventures, great shots, GREAT looking pie (where’s mine??!) and great news about your back getting better. Thank goodness! 🙂

  • reSource therapy

    re heat on pain: heat is good if an old injury but always end w/ ice! I have my clients wring out a hand towel in hot water and place it over the painful area, single layer. Immediately on top of this put either a large ice pack or a large bag of frozen peas. It works wonders!

  • tahliaN

    oh do I know about sore backs, it’s one of the reasons I love laptops – you can take them to bed with you. I love pies too and the book shop looks great. Wish I had one like that where I live.

    You might like my YA fantasy novel, ‘Lethal Inheritance’. I have ch1 up on my blog.

  • Lua

    I know how bad that back pain can be! Make sure to rest and I hope you’ll feel better soon Kimberly.
    And OMG! That place… is that heaven? It sure looks like it! I’m jealous 🙂

  • sara

    No, you did NOT make that pie! That’s definitely from a bakery. so professional!

  • Merrilee

    Ouch! Sorry to hear about your back – I have regular back blowouts myself, so I can sympathise. Codeine and movement is your friend 🙂

    I love that sign for the bookstore – would love to spend a couple of hours there!

  • Joy

    I’ve been out of things for a while, so I’m catching up. I suppose your back would have improved by now. Fingers crossed.

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