Hello, Rabbit Hole!

As one who usually write all her blog posts well in advance, usually on Sundays, I’m sorry to say that this did not happen this week.  This purely as a result of hanging out with old friends.  Two people which, quite frankly, it’s been too many years since I had last seen.  All the kids are about two years older since we last managed it, a few more gray hairs are had by all, and yet the conversation flowed like there never had been a break.  Friends who qualify as that good family you’d always like to see more of was where the whole day was spent and, as a result, even if I do feel bad not having gotten to all my writing commitments in their various forms during that time, I can not regret it.  Time away from the computer with flesh and blood, three dimensional people is a wonderfully affirming experience.

I will do my best to rectify the blog post hole today and tomorrow while simultaneously working on some critiques I owe.  In the mean time, please join me for some beautiful fall pictures I took a couple years back in the Adirondacks.

Raquette Lake



Wednesday I’ll be posting about some blogging awards from excellent blogger friends and mayhap just get into another philosophical discussion.  Hope everyone has a happy Monday!


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