Award, Accomplishments and no Philosophy

First, I was gifted with an award from Hart over at Confessions of a Watery Tart so I must extent a big thank you to her.  Pardon me a moment…

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The award I was granted is seriously awesome and, honestly, flatters me tremendously.  I don’t know that I truly perform all acts that this award would denote, but I will say I’m tickled none the less and am not even remotely going to pretend to be humble.  [Did I say thank you enough yet?  THANK YOU!] 

Per the award here are five of my favorite words:






and a bonus word:  pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis

A few bloggers who readily discuss books they’re reading as well as other salient literary details are:

Tales from the Reading Room

Wavy Lines

A Striped Armchair

The Bookworm Chronicles

Straight from Hel

Now, the accomplishments of a couple days.  I finished doing critique work on almost 150 pages of work (I’m such a slacker and really aim to get better about this) and finally managed to reach “the end” of Time Enough for Love by Robert Heinlein.  The review will be up on Friday.  Now that I am back on reading schedule with Speak next on the queue followed quickly by Brave New World (part of the challenge I set for myself) I can also chillax and get back to working on MY manuscript.  Hallelujah!   I promise to work on some nice philosophical posts for the upcoming weeks as well as finish up a meme that I was included in forever ago.  [Sorry, Carol, I promise to get it done for Monday!]


3 responses to “Award, Accomplishments and no Philosophy

  • Hart

    Hey-you’re very welcome! And I need the definition for melisma, too… Okay, so I know how to look it up, but it is one I didn’t know…

    Great to feel back on schedule–my reading is totally on hold as i am reading the book I WROTE to clean up my editing scars, so i hear you on ‘one thing at a time’. I am eager to hear what you think of Speak. It was required reading for my daughter Freshman year.

  • litlove

    Just wanted to say thank you for the mention! I do appreciate that so much.

  • Filozof

    agree with you, I thank you

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