That Dreaded (yet fun) TBR Shelf(ves)

Rather recently Litlove did a post about her issues of stockpiling in which she very kindly gave us a picture of her TBR pile.  Now, mine will seem small by comparison, but it’s still gotten rather, errrr, large.  *sigh*  That I decided to do a banned book challenge which gets rid of virtually none of those books does not really help.  [Also – I have organized the bookshelves since the last time I did a post about them and so thought I’d share my wondrous sense of organization and sense of humor.]

First, the TBR shelves!

Please bear in mind that these are only the ones that are on my TBR shelves and have been so for a while and not at all indicative of even all the books I own that are on my TBR list.













For example, I actually have a few classics I want to read:

[I’m also perfectly aware that Clavell’s works appear below while Noble House is actually in the above shot.  One book at a time, please.]


There’s also a few more over here (and no I am not including Meyer or Roberts in that “classic” category, tyvm – besides, I’ve already read those):








The bottom shelf here is old sheet music, a Music Lit book and anthology, my old Art History book and, of course, a big ole book of Leonardo Da Vinci’s works.  Someday I might teach music to my little one (or to anyone again for that matter) and so can’t bring myself to get rid of any of these books.









And now for my sense of humor.  What comes before conception?  You guessed it!  My bookshelves as in life: And, no, the book by Marquis de Sade is in literature NOT on the sex shelf; and, yes, I have more books on the matter of sex than what is pictured here.

So, what’s on your TBR shelf?  List?


11 responses to “That Dreaded (yet fun) TBR Shelf(ves)

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  • martha drummond

    Reminds me an awful lot of my own collection in my basement. Think I will go down to Niantic soon. Talk to you soon. Martha

  • Teresa

    There’s something about seeing bookshelves lined with books that is as satisfying as apple pie.

    My TBR pile is big, but I have to say not as large as yours. On my TBR pile are some John Grisham, The Seven Basic Plots, Elizabeth Georges Playing for Ashes and much more.

  • laurelrainsnow

    At least yours are on shelves! I have no shelves available for the unread books…just the read ones.

    So my TBRs are stacked on the floor in my bedroom (old ones), while the newer ones are on top of a bookcase and on the coffee table in my office.

    My list of “old” TBRs has decreased from 166 to 107 in the past year; that does not reflect other books I’ve read from the newer shelves. My total read (so far) is 118.

    Progress, at least, right? LOL

  • lola sharp

    You know I love looking at other people’s bookshelves. 🙂
    That’s a varied and interesting TBR queue you have there. I swear, you read as wide and varied as I do…I think we’re the exception rather than the rule. I love good writing and a good story no matter the genre. I’m very a omnivorous reader, writer, music lover, food lover. Variety is the spice of life, yes?

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Jan

    Sorry that box of books messed up your beautiful order but glad that they are welcome on your shelves. The shelves look great! Most of my books are still in boxes in the garage!

  • Arlee Bird

    List? I have a lot of unread books on my shelves–that’s as much as I’ll say. At the rate I amass books, I may never catch up. I like being able to see lots of full bookshelves around the house though so I can know there are books for me to read when I want to.

    Tossing It Out

  • Anne

    I’m impressed, that’s quite the collection of TBRs! I have a number of YAs on my list, but my real list right now is putting together my exam reading list… roughly 50 books and articles that I have to winnow down a bit and then study, study, study. Fun, though not quite in the same way… I am looking forward to getting back to my regular TBRs 🙂

  • mywordlyobsessions

    You have such a gorgeous variety there. AMY TAN! I haven’t read her for a while. Hmm… my list is slightly less than yours. Last month I posted by book shelf here:

    I keep my TBR’s piled on top of the normal books. Right now I have about 14. God only knows how many I’ve got stashed in the attic.

  • litlove

    Oooh I really love looking at other people’s shelves. I call it book porn, the endless craving to gaze at rows and rows of intriguing looking books! Thank you so much for posting this – I’m going to be really sad and enlarge some of these photos so I can read more of the titles! 🙂

  • carolkilgore

    I’m actually making headway on my TBR shelf. I have gaps. That’s a sure sign I need to head to the bookshop!

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