Unexpected Hiatus

Over the last week I have been down trodden and frustrated by a great many things.  While it would be fair to say that some of that was anxiety about elections here in the US (voting for the lesser of evils is still a vote for evil – that’s simply not cool with me), a potentially larger chunk was in concern and frustration in the use of blogs and where mine might fit in.  You see, I haven’t been talking about writing lately and I’m quite okay with that.  There are many bloggers who do this and they have my attention and interest in many cases.  But writing about writing is not where my heart is.  Instead my heart lives in a land of discourse and communication of ideals.  Growth.

Each new notion, each reassessment I must do of topics I thought were concrete, adds to my work.  Sometimes this comes in the form of reading, other times it’s in the discussions or in the simple requisite consideration prior to formulating thought, but the one thing that remains absolutely set in stone is that I need it to feel effective in art and in life.  This thing called the internet is wonderful and can be used to a tremendous advantage in more ways than talking craft or garnering entertainment from and it is to that end I want to work.  A clip I’ve always found to be rather poignant and, perhaps even more important after having read Brave New World, is below and sums up my current concerns and thoughts rather well.  Please enjoy and share your thoughts (I’ll definitely be responding again!).  In the mean time I’m going to get back to working on the blog post WP ate.  After I spent an hour on it.  AN HOUR.  Rest assured my review of Lady Chatterley’s Lover will be up on Friday come hell or high water.


18 responses to “Unexpected Hiatus

  • Linton

    I have always held a certain distaste for Edward R Murrow and his holier than thou persona.

  • Teresa

    Change your blog content, but don’t leave. ok?

  • Jan

    I love to read your writings. You inspire me even when I don’t agree with you. Stay at it and you will find your niche.

  • jessicabookworm

    I love the eclectic mix of posts you have on life, the universe and everything as to be fair that is what writers take inspiration from. I’m very much looking forward to your review of Lady Chatterley’s Lover. If it makes you feel better about a week ago WP ate one of my posts as well, is it just me, or WP only eat posts you have been working on for agges?!

    • kimberlyloomis

      So sorry to hear that WP did that to you, too, Jessica! What a stinky thing to have happen. Oye! I’m now copying all posts before I hit “save draft”.

      Thanks for your kind words. They mean a lot. The review will be up on 11/5 (now that I’ve rewritten it). 🙂

  • laurelrainsnow

    Oh, I enjoy reading your posts, whatever the topic. Even if you just express your frustrations, I think that’s a valid use of blog time….

    Hope you feel better soon, although the election results are not very encouraging to me….

    I stopped getting a daily newspaper awhile back (only get Sunday now), and I feel a lot more positive! Interesting, huh?

    • kimberlyloomis

      Thanks, Laurelrain! I think I’m suffering from the bombardment of too many “shoulds” when it comes to writing in general. Doesn’t effect my wip, but my blogging… Oye!

      Yeah. The elections have me bummed a bit, too. My state always aggravates me, but this time was the worst so far. Haha! I don’t get the paper either. The one in my state is wretched so I only buy the Sunday paper and that only when I get doubler coupons in my grocery store flier earlier in the week. 🙂

  • Hart

    Kimberly, I really enjoy your posts. I know I argue half the time, but I love the open and civil dialog you inspire. Philosophy is hard, because we all have such deep seeded underpinnings, but i think it is important to share the ideas. I DO see how the required time to investigate could be a hindrance… but maybe work out a schedule so the topics that need a ton of research are only once a week, and you do other things other days..

    I DO think as bloggers we all need to be true to ourselves, or we get bored or frustrated with what we’re doing–and I think by DOING that, we are most likely to find the ‘right readers’–the ones who want the content we are dishing… so just do what you feel passionate about doing. It will work out.

    And I actually really love Edward R Murrow (DDEisenhower, not so much–his red fear caused him to do some things I really just can’t accept)–but as a J-School grad, Murrow was one of those groundbreakers for reporters and led the way for a lot of my later favorites.

    • kimberlyloomis

      Hart – Thank you so much. I enjoy the civil dialogue as well. It happens too rarely for my own tastes. The conversations need to happen and, yes, even for myself. 🙂

      I think, perhaps, following one’s heart is one of the most difficult things a person can do and sometimes my courage fails me. Thank you again.

      My knowledge of Murrow is limited to “Good Night and Good Luck”, but if it was a true depiction then he has my admiration.

  • Jillian

    I understand how you feel. I felt stagnant, too, talking about writing. It didn’t nourish my mind, in the slightest. It felt like walking a wheel.

    Your niche seems to be politics, literature, and free speech? Write about whatever you feel. Redo your blog to support your niche. It’s SOOOO fun, once you find your aim.

    • kimberlyloomis

      Excellent advice, Jillian. Thanks! How right you are. I can’t seem to stay away from political philosophy these days and so have been trying to keep my mouth shut about that… I’ve failed admirably, haven’t I?

  • Arlee Bird

    Write what inspires you and what seems to be relevant. Plenty of bloggers are writing about writing and one less won’t really matter. It’s good to be thoughtful and to inspire thoughtfulness.

    There is a lot of crap on TV, but I also learn alot. However, my concern is, like the internet, how much of the information we receive is truth? I listen and try to sort it all out.

    I was very disappointed in the election in California, but overall across the country I was not surprised and mostly not upset. But as usual I am convinced that most of the people who vote in California are idiots. I don’t even think most of them really know what they are voting for most of the time.

    Tossing It Out

    • kimberlyloomis

      Lee – I totally agree with you. Pretty much on all fronts. Still, it would have been nice to seen something new happen, not the same reactionary measure that comes about when people are angry. With any luck there will be something sustaining in the disquiet people have communicated in regards to the political arena in our country.

      The TV makes me so hostile I tend to avoid it at all costs these days. Well, perhaps not that much. C-Span cracks me up sometimes. 😉 Unfortunately, the people are only really getting told that which the powers that be want us to hear. While this fluctuates depending upon who will be the villain/hero/martyr appears to be, I just assume it’s always self-serving on the side of the state. Never thought I’d be the person that read legislation, but I’ve now been doing what I can on that front. Pretty sure I’ve read more of it than just about any elected official has. 😛

      Thank you for your words. I’ll be a more avid follower (and blogger) again soon. 🙂

  • litlove

    Blogging is frustrating – at least I often find it so. Some posts refuse to come out right, others don’t seem to attract the comments I was hoping for, and sometimes I run across other posts that make me sigh or recoil in horror. This is a kind of writing that really goes in waves, I think. Hang on in there; you are a very valuable part of the blog network and we need more writers like you.

    Have you seen the movie Good Night and Good Luck? It’s all about Murrow and I loved it.

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