Turkey Genocide Day is Upon Us

That somehow seems ominous, doesn’t it.  As you read this I imagine I’ll be elbow deep in some kind of cooking or cleaning project.  With any luck I will NOT be at the grocery store, but instead will have just about everything all set.  One can only hope.  If I’m at the grocery store I will need all manner of positive energy getting sent here via the most expedient manner possible.  There is, of course, the 20-22lb turkey as well as stuffing and cranberry sauce, but never ones to do the norm we are planning on also doing spiced butternut squash puree, sweet potatoes with guava and sugar cane, potato salad with chevre and green beans (it’s AWESOME), green bean casserole, stuffed mushrooms, apple pie and tunnel o’ fudge pumpkin cake.  Home made macaroni and cheese gets an honorable mention as it’s being made for the little folks attending who may/may not want the turkey.  I’m thinking we need to add a veggie in there somewhere.  Something for color that isn’t orange or brown.  Hmmmm….

I hope all of you have a safe and happy holiday filled with good times, love and joy.

My list of things to be grateful is short, but bountiful:

Family, friends (old, new, fellow blogger buddies), life, the ability to give and receive love, and being able to be in a warm home with a bounty which I never forget to appreciate.  A song that, in my opinion, demonstrates a feeling I hope to strive for each and every day.  I know it’s a Christmas song, but please give a listen.  Thank you.



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