Happy Holidays!

Sorry I’ve been so remiss in posting this past week.  As one might well imagine I’ve been all but chained to my kitchen in order to meet my lofty baking goals.  I can say, with no shortage of pride mind you, that I made one dozen variety of delectable goodies.  Someday I plan on making your mouth water by posting pictures of some of them, but for now I wanted to share a couple rather timely bits.

First, this article came to my attention yesterday and, as is so often the case with matters like these, I found myself counting my blessings.  Namely, that I have a child who is blissfully healthy.  I was also thinking how wonderful it would be to take part in writing letters to Santa in hopes of this little girl making her goal.  Who’s with me?

Second, I had the lovely experience of my car breaking down on me the other day.  While that is certainly not the way I wanted to ring in Christmas week it’s hard to deny the goodness that came from it.  You see, I had my son with me, it was about thirty degrees Fahrenheit, and I had forgotten to charge my cell phone (never again will I leave without making sure the bugger is charged).  This rather completely killed the high that had been created the day before when my brand new washer and dryer arrived.  Luckily, I had pulled into a business parking lot where I subsequently realized I could not risk driving the thing home.  The town we were in is not one renowned for its kindness, not to me certainly, but rather a virulent kind of snobbery.  And what do I find?  Upon entering the bank a lovely woman said I could use the phone, to take my time, and to not worry.  After calling hubby at work (have I mentioned he owns and runs a retail store?  that this is a few days before Christmas?!), being told he’s swamped but will rush out ASAP, having AAA tell me they’ll have a tow truck there within a half hour, I trudge back out into the cold with my little one.

I get some of my son’s toys and his car seat out of the car and kind of set up camp waiting for the tow truck, who was there SO FAST, and waited as he pulled “Mama’s sick car on the big red truck”.  This part was surely the first highlight of the day for my son.  The nice tow truck driver offered to take us along, but let’s be frank, I have a kid in a car seat so that was not going to work.  So, I thanked him and told him that our ride would be there soon.  Okay, apparently I had no idea that soon meant somewhere near an hour or more.  Crystal Ball has been in the shop a loooooong time.  Should probably pick that sucker up.  If only I could remember where I had taken it…

Back to the story.  Imagine being bundled up (and we were since I listened to my mother that fine morning and made sure we had all sorts of warm clothing on in case anything should happen to the car), it’s thirty degrees outside with a stiff breeze, in a parking lot, with a not-quite-three-year-old.  I was ready to cry.  Trying to keep us warm I encouraged the little one to walk around, which ended pretty quickly since he wanted carried, and wound up moving around with him on my hip as we counted the trees around the parking lot, the cracks in the parking lot, the lines in the parking lot, etc.  His nose was so red and he actually was keeping his mittens on.  He was cold.

And here’s where I truly almost lost it:  No less than two times did men drive by us in the parking lot, stop, roll down their windows, and ask us if we needed to get warm.  The woman from the bank came out to check on us, tell us we could go inside and wait, that my ride had called saying he was on his way.  I declined as I had my more than thirty pound son attached and a toddler car seat, purse and small bag of toys to contend with.  Our ride arrived about five minutes or less after this.  His store was left in the hands of an awesome worker for a few minutes, while the business partner left his full time job and flew in to help with what was a record breaking day.  Dropping hubby off, taking his charged cell phone, The Boy and I headed home for the next few hours until we’d have to go and pick hubby up.

So many people were inconvenienced in this and yet I realized not one of them would feel they were.  Goodness was everywhere and for that I wept.  I have been foundering in faith lately, this belief that people were ultimately good had become empty and unsubstantiated, and there I was with signs of it everywhere.  Despite the car repair, the cost of which is never welcome, I am grateful for that miserable morning.  There is no price that can be placed upon the knowledge that some faith is always worth having and that fellow human beings very often want to help, do good.

I hope all you and yours, should you celebrate this holiday (and even if you don’t), have love and joy all around you and know, that regardless of the time of year, there are many of us out there who believe in and try to communicate “the goodwill of man”.  Happy holidays.



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