The Closing of 2010, Part I

Okay, so the last couple weeks went by in a whirling dervish of catastrophe, blessing, and the stress known as “I need to bake nine more types of cookies in five days”.  I must proudly proclaim I met my goals.  Twelve different types of cookies were made, several containers gifted and dispensed (still more will be heading out the door this weekend – thank you, blizzard).  Of course the holidays is not complete, apparently, without the frustration of trying to get a toddler to sleep after being up way too late from opening an orgy of toys.  Needless to say I’ve been a bit out of sorts and depleted.

Now, a few ramblings before I endeavor to truly do a year end wrap up on Friday (never done one before and, frankly, it scares the &$!# out of me – consider that expletive like a kind of madlib).

A more recent epiphany that is not blogging related:  I decided to not post pics of my kid on facebook anymore.  Granted, they were all kept private and limited to a few people, but I decided in order for him to have the choice I prize so greatly I needed to make room for his future choices.  Just me trying to apply my philosophy as thoroughly as possible.

Blogging:  It gives me sanity.  Sure, I whine and kvetch to my spouse every now and again (read: a bit more than that), but I realized that writing is not something I merely do because I want to, but because emotionally I need the space and time to create.  Those words are vital to my well being.

Reading:  I need new glasses.  My old ones are too strong.  For realz.  Before anyone starts saying “I wish I had that problem”, let me just say my uncorrected vision is 20/200.  “Better” means “I’m still blind as a bat without my glasses”.

Holidays:  I need to learn a craft that allows me to gift something that won’t make people gain weight.  I mean, just LOOK at some of the cookies I made this year!


Galletes con Chochitos

Cinnamon Marble Hearts

Lemon Bars

Caramel Crumb Bars (before cutting)

I also made Grasshopper Squares (and a few others of course), but failed to take any pics of my own.  Go ahead and click on the link, but don’t blame me for the drool.

My Child:  He’s awesome.  What did he do when given Boris Tyrannosaurus?  This:

Having Tiny for Dinner

They do NOT do that on Dinosaur Train.

I’m off to work on that blog post (EEK!) and look forward to stalking you again.  Have a great day, folks!


8 responses to “The Closing of 2010, Part I

  • Jillian

    Sounds busy! Happy holidays, Kimberly. 🙂

  • laurelrainsnow

    Oh, I had that same “problem” with my eyeglasses—too strong. But before I could feel exultant about it, the eye doctor reminded me that, since I have cataracts (still early on in the process), sometimes this happens. In other words, a bit of clarity before everything blurs! Thanks, doc! LOL

    I love the look of all your goodies…I have to enjoy these treats vicariously, since I quit baking years ago. I know, a little rebellion that got out of hand!

    Enjoy your week.

  • Carol Kilgore

    He’s a boy. It’s how they’re made. Maybe I’ll eat just one more cookie 🙂

  • Teresa

    OH MY. How far away do you live? Do you still have those desserts? YUM!

    That’s exactly what my son would have done. So funny.

    Facebook: I’m with you. I don’t even show my grandkids on my blog because WHAT IF they become famous and my photos are used against them. That would be unfair.


  • Hart

    I love blogging for sanity reasons too… not that the words seem to offer evidence that it’s helping, but I get it. I really love it… even if sometimes it is yet another deadline…

    That is a majorly impressive cookie project. I didn’t bake ANYTHING. I used the fact I was formally under deadline and gladly gave it up… Hubby made some festive shortbread cookies… and we called it good. I hope your holidays were wonderful!

  • litlove

    I always enjoy your posts! Your baking looks scrummy – and I’ll bet your boy will love you for it! And I blog for my health, too. The community has sustained me for five years now – couldn’t manage without it. I agree that words are our saving grace.

  • Courtney Vail

    Glad you had an enjoyable cookie frenzy and holiday. My youngest son would likely do that with the dinos too.

  • Anne

    Wow, not only did you make twelve kinds of cookies, but twelve fancy kinds! They look delicious… lucky family/friends!

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