Don’t Let the Door Hit You…

So, as you can surmise from recent posts I haven’t been overly fond of 2010.  As much as I feel compelled to rant about the frustrations and upsets over this past year I figured I would end with some optimistic endeavors for 2011 as well as some of the quietly wonderful things about 2010.


I figured out that I need to be writing non-genre fiction.  Okay, I love me a good romance and that is what I started off writing, but the wip is immensely satisfying and fills me with such purpose it keeps me going.  Stories matter to me.  It’s time I focused my attentions on communicating other things that matter utilizing a format I revere.

Blogging is something that I find to be a lot of work and yet when I slack for a couple weeks I find myself suffering mentally.  If I had not been engaging with all you wonderful folks out there during this past year I never would have known just how wonderful a digital community could be.  So many wonderful witty folks out there and I’m grateful for you all.  [If nothing else there is the occasional post that makes me thing, “I’m NOT the craziest one in the blog-o-sphere!”]

My kid is talking.  A lot.  Sure, sometimes he says things like “Mommy’s stupid” or “Mommy’s very frustrated”, but those words are awesome and music to my ears.  I sure wish he would let me sing more, though…  “Momma’s all done singing!” is not my favorite phrase.

There have been many awesome books I’ve read this year (I’ll do a meme in the beginning of the year on those) as well as some over rated ones.  The over rated ones I didn’t finish and I’m okay with that.  Truly, it’s wonderful to allow one’s self a bit of freedom now and again.

Hubby bought the store he’s been running for the last few years because he impressed a man who offered a 50/50 partnership.  The store is doing great and now that the holidays are winding down I’m optimistic that I’ll get to see my hubby a bit more again.


I’m going to be taking part in a reading challenge that requires me to take on War and Peace over the course of the entire year.  I have yet to make it through a Tolstoy work and so am looking forward to this.

Of course I’m still pushing ahead and reading books from the banned list, but I’ve decided to make a little time for some fun reading.  As a carry over lesson from 2010:  Books on the banned list generally are not ones to read if you need a pick me up and you should always have tissues ready.  Just in case.

Exercise is something I started getting into when I broke my foot during the summer (yeah, certainly not a high point of the year) then, obviously, had to stop.  Although, to my credit exercise happens when you live in a two story home, are with a toddler all day, AND you can’t put any weight on one foot for several weeks.  Injuring my back when I got back into exercising a bit too hastily after said foot mishap also gave me that other valuable lesson that stated I need to get new running shoes before I start.  I will do this.  I ate more of the cookies I ate this year than I have in years past so it’s kind of imperative.

Sanity doesn’t happen for me, it’s something I have to encourage on a daily basis and tackle like I do my housework.  That said, the drill sergeant will be redirected to have a softer voice, offer hugs, and gently command me to chill the heck out.

This year I hope to complete the rough draft for the current wip.  If things go really well I might get through all the edits as well and begin submitting.  I can’t lie.  The work is very important to me and the sparseness of the language combined with the intricacy of the ideals presented are requiring a very exacting approach.  Stream of consciousness does not work for this.  It’s worth it even if I only get through the rough draft this coming year.

I will make more time for play and, so help me, if I have to drag my husband by his hair we will have a vacation this year.

What are your plans for 2011?  Any fun things you’re doing on New Year’s Eve?


Please, whatever you’re doing, be safe.  May joy find us all and wrap us in its most comforting arms at the moment of new beginnings the calendar so kindly gives us every year.  [Some people have this approach every day, I do not.  Neurotic, remember?  😉 ]



9 responses to “Don’t Let the Door Hit You…

  • litlove

    Sanity doesn’t just happen… lol! I laughed in recognition of this, as I quite agree. I have to work at it too. Trying to write with a toddler is very hard work, because adorable as they are, there’s not much head space left after a day with one. But they do soon grow into the next stage which leaves you a little more free. Good luck with the exercise (something I try to do but never quite seem to manage) and here’s to another year of fine blogging in 2011. I’m delighted to have found your site. 🙂

  • laurelrainsnow

    Oh, my, you touched on one of my “failings” this year—exercise. I get so caught up in front of the computer, that when I look up, it’s too late!

    Yes, my gym has weird hours. They do open early, but I hate leaving the house that early; it reminds me of going to my job (that I did for more than thirty years!), so I wait. Then the gym closes from noon until 3:30. So I’m going to either have to get off the computer by 9 or 10, or go to the gym after 3:30. I know I can do this if I want to badly enough.

    I joined another writing challenge (ROW 80), which will give me enough flexibility to do what needs to be done. Finish first draft of NaNoWriMo novel; do some editing; maybe get back to the other novel I started with one of the other challenges…Hurry, hurry!! LOL

    Hope your New Year brings all that you need, and most of what you want! (I just read a book about getting what we need vs. what we want).

  • Teresa

    YOU are a fabulous writer. Write whatever you want but write!

    I’m with you. I consider not blogging sometimes but when I don’t, I suffer. I like the online support and friends, I must admit. And my blog gives me a voice–mine.

    Happy New Year, Kimberly.

  • Carol Kilgore

    I think you have a good play for 2011.
    Happy New Year!

  • Bonnie

    Happy New Year, Kimberly! I’m looking forward to another year in the blogosphere with you. 🙂 We will have to keep each other motivated with the exercising and the writing! Have a wonderful start to 2011!

  • Laura Marcella

    Happy New Year, Kimberly!!! May 2011 be your best year yet!

  • Mae

    What a hectic and eventful year for you! Don’t stress too much about your writing. You will get there. I seem to have my love/hate relationship with blogging settled but I do agree that it can take up a lot of time BUT I also agree that it does keep the mind and writing fingers active.

    Happy New Year. May your son learn even more cute one-liners. 🙂

  • Joy

    Wishing you success in all that you’re taking on for this year. Sounds like your WIP means much to you. That’s almost a guarantee that you’ll put a lot of energy in that direction.

  • Tina DC Hayes

    Hope your New Year is off to a good start. Ya been working on the WIP yet? Remember the first draft doesn’t have to be perfect, since that’s what you get to drive yourself nuts with on the rewrites. 🙂

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