A Bookish Meme

Sorry for the delay on this post, folks.  Apparently my ISP decided to say “Happy New Year” by letting service flake out just as I was about to hit “schedule post” last night.  Some days I’m not at all excited about paying my cable company.  Before this turns into a full blown rant, however, here is the post I managed to save in a text document before the internets could steal it from me. *I* was the victor!  Muhahahahaha!!!!  [If ever a victor could be described as someone who just managed to save her work while still not being able to do what she had set out to do.]

This little meme is courtesy of Mae (go check out her very wonderful blog) and, obviously, it’s so awesome I thought I’d steal it (I also had no will to create something of my own as I’m still unwinding from holiday insanity and other neuroses).

How many books read in 2010? 40 (this is a somewhat educated guess, I reviewed more than thirty, some to “air” this month, while others didn’t get reviewed)

Fiction/Non-Fiction ratio? 37/3

Male/Female authors? 13/27

Favorite book read? Time Enough for Love by Robert Heinlein (you can check out my review to find out why)

Least favorite? There were a few books I didn’t finish reading, which you can check out here and here, but out of ones I finished reading I’d have to go with Brooklyn.

How many rereads? I honestly don’t know.  There were a few as I discovered a wonderful used book store in my state that seemed to only encourage me purchasing old romance novels I remember reading in my youth.

Most books read by one author this year? I’m going to go with the qualifier “new to me” for author and say Meredith Duran.  She only has four books out so far and I’m clinging to one of them unread so I have a treat just prior to her new book comes out in the spring.  Three, however, were read in rapid succession.

Any in translation? A couple.  I think.  The Housekeeper and the Professor was certainly one.

And how many of this year’s books were from the library? 16

Favorite New-to-Me Author: Meredith Duran

Favorite Classic: Brave New World

Most On-the-Nose Title: I’m going to cheat and use a book I read in 2009 for this one – The Road by Cormac McCarthy.  It was brilliant work and the title was absolutely perfect.

Most Disturbing: The Chocolate War

Most Accessible Author Who Intimidated Me for No Good Reason: Toni Morrison.  She’s an excellent author but, in my opinion, not at all someone to be intimidated by.

Most Discouraging Realization: Two parts for this one.  First, is that books that show “the mob” in a poor/undesirable light seem to take the banned list by force.  Second, that certain big-to-do literary review newspapers pander shamelessly to the person anointed “genius”, or so it seems to me, by some random and anonymous someones.  Although, that isn’t so much a discouragement, more a very large irritation.

Most Reassuring Realization: Those controversial books were still published and now people like me, who obviously hold censorship with great disdain, now have a great checklist from which to build our TBR lists.

2011 Reading Goals: War and Peace, The Satanic Verses, and many others!



26 responses to “A Bookish Meme

  • Dawn Spatta

    I admire your ability to analyze what you read. Beats shrugging over zombie books ;p

    • kimberlyloomis

      Dawn – Lol! Being painfully analytical is something I’ve given up trying to change. For the anxiety it induces I take lots of B vitamins. 😉 I keep thinking I might pick up “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies”…

  • Arlee Bird

    That’s a pretty comprehensive overview of your reading year. I checked out some of the links to past posts as well and was rather impressed by the depth of which you tackled those topics–but you typically seem to do that. Keep up the great work!


  • Carol Kilgore

    I didn’t read nearly as many books as you did. Kudos.

  • Mary

    I’m going to add Meredith Duran’s books to my tbr list. I have Brooklyn on the shelf and plan to read it in the next few months. I know reviews are mixed so I wonder what I’ll think. I joined the War & Peace 365 readalong (button is in my sidebar). I figure I should be able to read a chapter a day, right?!!
    Happy New Year 🙂

    • kimberlyloomis

      Mary – “The Duke of Shadows” by Duran is already a constant reread of mine. Good writing, amazing research, and wonderful characters. I do hope you check her out and that I get to read about it on your blog. 🙂

      Haha! I’m already behind on the readalong! I got sidetracked by “Practical Magic”. Happy New Year to you, too!

  • Jan

    Toni Morrison’s books always blow me away. They haunt me while and after I read them but holy smokes does she tell a great story!

  • litlove

    I hear you on the Robert Heinlein – I promise I will find time for him somewhere this year. Actually I love this about the blog world: so many books I’ve discovered thanks to recommendations from blogging friends. Looking forward to hearing all about whatever books you choose in 2011!

    • kimberlyloomis

      LL – I hope you do check him out and that you don’t hate him, just as I look forward to reading about the books you check out this year. Heck, I look forward to all your posts, literature based or not.

  • laurelrainsnow

    We manage what we can…and many have other priorities. I liked reading your analysis of the various choices.

    Hey, I have a suggestion: this year, you could read…drumroll, please! Laurel-Rain Snow!


    Okay, shameless promoting aside, I hope you have a great year. And it’s always a cause for celebration when we are victors over the Internet providers.

    • kimberlyloomis

      Laurel-Rain – Lol! I just might do that. It will have to be after I get a few other reading projects cleared up though. 😉

      Thanks for stopping by (and boy do I hope I remain victorious over my ISP – Monday after I got the post up continued to be a bad day for internet service around my house).

  • jessicabookworm

    Ooo I like this meme I may have to steal some of these questions for my own 2010 reflection post 🙂 which I’m posting on Sunday if your interested lol.

    I read The Road by Cormac McCarthy very different but in a good way, look forward to may be reading more of his work this year.

    • kimberlyloomis

      Jessica – Very cool! Of course I’m interested! I’ve just been a blog slacker lately. Took me a week after the holiday to uncurl myself from the fetal position under my desk….

      “Outer Dark” by McCarthy is on my TBR shelf. Has been since I bought it for myself last Christmas…. What one do you think you’ll be checking out?

    • kimberlyloomis

      Let me know how that is! The movie left me very underwhelmed (as did a friend’s opinion of the book – same friend loved “The Road”) so my interest of the book kind of followed suit. Definitely want to know your opinion of it. 🙂

  • Hart

    Impressive reading list last year! I plan to keep track this year (something i haven’t formally done before) but I know my list is much shorter… I bet I read 2 books a month on average, if you don’t count the books I read as a critiquer (criticiser?) and reads of my books as part of editing.

    I am anxious to see what you think of War & Peace–it is my favorite book ever, but a very difficult read (I strongly recommend a cheat sheet of names–each character has about 4–and relationships–the edition I had had this in the front and it helped A LOT. Some of it is not intuitive because everyone has 1) a Russian name 2) a french name 3) a pet name and 4) a TITLE: so Natalia, one MC is Natasha, Natalia, Nataly and Princess(Iforget). Intuitive enough… but Peter’s French name is Pierre… and he is Petya… and Duke something I think… You can see how it gets confusing.

    • kimberlyloomis

      Hart – Reading, slow or fast, many books or a few, matters little so long as the reading is being done. Well, okay, that sounded rather pious… What is better: Reading in whatever quantity, so long as it’s a positive integer, is awesome. 😀

      Okay, that paragraph about “War and Peace” hurt my brain. Guess I won’t start on that tonight.

  • Tina DC Hayes

    I LOVE these Memes, since it’s a fun way to get to know more about what goes on in the mind of bloggers. 🙂

    Think I’ll pick up a book by Meridith Duran after reading this, since you seem to really enjoy her work.

    “The Road” made a big impression on me too. I read it a few years ago but still remember the dark details vividly. I haven’t seen the movie, since I doubt it’ll live up to the book.

    • kimberlyloomis

      Tina – Duran single handedly restored my faith in good historical romance being published. In recent years I had no interest in purchasing new romance authors because I had been burned by so many others I had checked out and on a random find at a used book sale I found Duran. So glad I did.

      “The Road” was amazing. The movie was okay, but what McCarthy did with a book was powerful; the technique being something quite different from what is typically experienced in the medium of literature. Film has yet to do anything in recent years that can accomplish the same otherworldly experience. Viggo was good, scenes were heartbreaking, but overall – the book stands alone. It was a faithful adaptation though. 🙂

  • sara

    Wow, you read a lot! Inspiring.

    Also, I thought you might find this article interesting.

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