It’s Been a While

There has been much going on, some of these goings are personal and will be detailed in the coming weeks, but the truth is I haven’t had words for the things I wanted to talk about.  For now I thought I’d share a poignant video from Egypt.

When people are willing to die so that they may be heard, the terror of life has already crossed into the realm of nothing left to lose.  I’m not talking about risk associated with certain absurd adrenaline junky sports, but in real life context.  These protesters can either go down fighting or simply go down.  That is a choice in how to die, not anything else.  And it is upon them because of politics.

Think of these people and pray, send energy, or whatever – in the hopes that these protests come to an end soon and that the resolution is a peaceful and free one.


On a personal note:  I have yet to figure out when to get my writing really done without a nap time.  Honestly, I can watch a few clips, search the web – but form a complete thought that takes longer than a sentence to communicate?  Pffft.  The Boy does not agree that this is important, hence I am writing this at 11:30 at night.


8 responses to “It’s Been a While

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  • laurelrainsnow

    Ah, yes, I do remember how hard it is to find time for anything when children are young. Most of the scribblings I did back then were just that…and none of them turned into anything.

    However, the kids do get a bit older and have their own interests, and then you can carve out some time for your own pursuits. Hang in there!

  • Carol Kilgore

    You and The Boy will get through this stage. Soon he will be in pre-school and you’ll long for the times you once shared. Life is like that.

  • Laura Marcella

    I pray for those people in Egypt. I hope things don’t get any worse.

    Good luck with your writing!

  • Hart

    That Egypt video really brings home what all of this means in terms of sacrifice for the people living there, doesn’t it. I hope they are successful–that the people earn what they are sacrificing so much for.

    And I hope you find writing time–that age is so hard. Is he old enough for pre-school? –or do you know another mom that you could maybe do a trade a couple times a week–you get both kids 2 days, she gets both 2 days for a few hours? I wasn’t writing when mine were that small, so I don’t have any good answers.

  • Tina DC Hayes

    The turmoil in Egypt is so sad, and hard to watch.

    I feel your woes on the little one not cooperating with your writing time. 🙂 I had three of my own and was watching my brothers 2 (in diapers at the time) when I wrote my first book 12 years ago. It was CHALLENGING. I don’t know how old yours is, but if he’s over 2, maybe you could get a superfun thingy for him to play with only during your writing time(so he won’t get bored too quickly with it), like playdough or Lincoln Logs, whatever will hold his attention.

    Good luck!

  • litlove

    Poor Egypt – such a tumultuous time for them. And I expect you feel a bit as if you are constantly under siege too! Kids are utterly adorable, but that age is exhausting. How would you feel about giving yourself permission not to actually have to write, but to dream creatively instead? I wore myself out trying to Get! Things! Done! when my child was small, whereas in fact, those fallow periods were incredibly refreshing to my mind when I let them be. I returned to the page in a few months writing better and full of ideas.

  • Tina DC Hayes

    Hey Kimberly,
    I have award posted on my blog that I’m passing on to you. 🙂

    Hope all is well. 🙂

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