As I write this…

I am watching big, fat, fluffy snowflakes fall.  Yes, I’m aware it’s officially spring, but that does not stop the snow in New England.  Nor, apparently, does the fact that we had a 70 degree day last week.  I know you’re jealous.  And why wouldn’t you be?  Tulips are beautiful with snow clinging to them!

Okay, enough of all that – mostly because the snow has officially gotten on my last nerve (and, yes, it snowed here on Monday as well – luckily it melted).  The big news and probably THE reason I haven’t been posting is due to complete and total exhaustion.  While I could, by all rights, blame my three year old for this the truth is the belly dweller is the real reason I’m tired.  Mostly.  Okay, during the first trimester this was clearly the case, now it only just kind of sort of compounds the running around-trying to occupy a high intensity- intensely curious toddler/preschooler.  Now that I am in the fourth month of this adventure I feel as though my brain has returned AND not so tired all the time (that I can drink coffee without terrible reflux also aids in this capability).

I can’t lie.  I’ve been grumpy, weepy, taciturn, and a little prone toward rants (more so than usual) and all that had me staying away from the wonderful blogosphere.  The idea of posting things I would regret because they weren’t well thought out and/or poorly worded kept me far away from the site.  There’s lots of interesting developments in life and philosophy that have resulted from this event and I will be posting about these things from reviews of books I’ve read (yes, I’ve been reading lots of books on child birth even though I do, in fact, already have a child) as well as some rather new and baffling experiences I’ve had.  Not much will change, essentially, except there will be some more non-fiction reviews focused on home birth,commentary on the modern obstetrics industry, and the state of midwifery.  The first book review now that I’m back, however, will be up on Wednesday, March 30 and it will be about a rather hugely selling fantasy work called Game of Thrones. [I will do my absolute best to not over burden folks with my pregnancy/medical books.]

There are many of you whose blogs I have missed following when I was awake and present of mind enough to think of them.  That I didn’t think of them more often is purely a result of me preferring to sleep or trying to figure out how to squeeze in a nap without getting tackled or waking up to crayon all over my walls.  The rounds, I will be making them again and so look forward to connecting with all of you again.



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