Quick Hits

Okay, it’s Friday.  Well, you’re reading this on Friday, I am writing this at entirely too late an hour on Thursday and my brain went to mush HOURS ago.  Maybe not hours, but at least an hour ago anyway.  It has been a week of potty training, absurdly long hours for hubby and subsequently me, only one night of uninterrupted sleep (nightmares, son’s, not mine- oye!), and oodles of stress.  As a result of all these things, and in lieu of any deep and thoughtful posts that require attention to detail and coherence, I have decided to go with a few very pertinent links.

Serious stuff first.

Folks in Joplin, MO are dealing with tragedy, devastation, and horror.  Please, if you can, check out this article and follow the links to help.

Alabama has also been dealing with disaster from the tornadoes that struck there at the end of April and author Kerri Nelson has set up A Buck for Bama to help out there.

Let’s also not forget the situation in Japan.

Now, behold!  Cute animal videos!

Have a great weekend everyone and I’ll be sure to catch you on Monday!


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