A Belated Happy Holiday

Since having a child it seems as though I am always late.  Given my recent awareness in his stalling tactics, earning him the nickname of Delay Fish, I have to now say…  I think I know where he gets it from.  There goes my happy righteous parental moment!

So, back to the blog post.  I hope everyone in the US had a great holiday weekend.  Perhaps some fireworks, good eats, friends, and family were partaken of making it an endeavor in relaxation and all that is good in life.  Given that this was not a long weekend for my family, but one where much stress has been had with the exception of some wonderful kick-your-feet-up-by-the-fire-pit time with neighbors.  I’m pretty sure that they are the reason I’m mostly sane right now.  There’s no need to bore y’all with the details of course and, honestly, I don’t even want to reiterate them right now as they just make me tired and cranky/ier, but there was another wonderful thing that occurred.

First, I started a new blog.  No, this does not mean I’ll be leaving this one – just a way of organizing.  What can I say?  I really need to be organized in at least one aspect of life.  It sure as heck isn’t my bookcase these days!

Second, I will be doing some cross posting on the days I have articles on the other blog site.  At least for a little while.

Third, I have rediscovered my love of Heinlein and am working on getting through Starship Troopers right now.  His wit gives me peace and, while I nod along to it thinking “wow, he so saw what was going on”, there is still a wonderful capacity for joy.

Fourth, facebook messaging is going the way of the do-do bird for me.  There’s no help for it.  As a proud and paranoid liberterarian I can not help but turn my nose up at its new format.  Besides, maybe I’ll actually get on top of my gmail account finally!  It could happen…

Fifth, forward momentum on my wip is being made.  While stress is a creativity killer I have found that practicing my piano again has helped a lot in this regard and the words are more readily available to my mind.

What have you been up to?  How was your holiday?


3 responses to “A Belated Happy Holiday

  • Arlee Bird

    Despite the sad circumstances of the death of my brother-in-law, my holiday weekend was nice. I do enjoy road trips and the visit to my sister was a lot of fun.

    I’m not sure what is different about the Facebook format as I’ve never been on it that much. I don’t have a great deal of use for it other than keeping up with my kids and some of my friends and family on occasion. Usually I don’t think to go there. Anyone remember MySpace?

    Tossing It Out

  • Carol Kilgore

    I can relate to a little stress. Good for you for getting organized.

  • litlove

    I think it’s incredibly tough to have one small toddler and be expecting a second child. Somehow the jobs don’t always mesh well. But I’m so glad you have a good author to calm you and good neighbours to entertain you and now a second blog to give you an outlet for your feelings. All that must add up to some much improved karma!

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