A Conundrum [Aka – Heaven help me if I’ve used this as a blog title before.]

Slowly but surely I’ve been working on my wip.  You know, the one where all is dark and dreary with the world and people have submitted to tyranny?  Yeah, that one.  Then I hit a holding pattern.  AGAIN.  This isn’t for lack of direction exactly, but more that I’m fighting my inner demons.  You see, I want to kill someone.  Perhaps it would be more fair for me to say I want to torture THEN kill them, but the truth is I really, really, really want to do this.  The problem?  The person is in my reality and has not been made into a character as yet.  Of course, he’d also be made a character solely for the purpose of being wretchedly treated before his oh-so-painful demise (and it would be painful – make no mistake) and that means I’m not writing the bit for the story.

The other problem being that the only way I can get him tortured would be for him to be a good guy and that sooooo doesn’t even work for said catharsis.  Feh.

My agenda is not the same as the story’s and right now that’s kind of a bummer.  This individual quite conceivably doesn’t warrant the kind of treatment I would like to imagine befalling him (goes against my principles anyway), but being as infuriated as I have been by people who can’t do what they’re supposed to demands the violent fantasy.  Not that I’m righteous or anything…  *crickets*  And there I sit at my computer, dreaming up a horrific and beatific sequence of sadism, unable to write it because I KNOW it just doesn’t fit in with the story.

Trying to move on and let go of this wondrous idea has been hard and led me to having my fingers tied up in knots instead of typing.  Have you ever wanted to put something in a story so badly you could taste it but didn’t dare write it because you knew it just didn’t fit and you’d totally be a bad writer if you forced it in there or just wasted your time with it?    Aside from digging out my punching bag (which would be no small fete given the state of my basement) – are there any thoughts on a coping mechanism?  FYI:  I’ve already tried chocolate.  There isn’t enough in my house or the local grocery store to take care of this particular problem.


Shameless plug:  My other blog, The Elephant in the Womb, was updated again!  Woohoo!  It will look prettier next week.


6 responses to “A Conundrum [Aka – Heaven help me if I’ve used this as a blog title before.]

  • Jan

    I have found it useful to write down every bit of what I’d like to do and then burn it. Somehow watching it burn up allows me to let it go.

  • laurelrainsnow

    Hey, I like what she said…that could work!

    And, BTW, you have now piqued my curiosity about what this person did! Salacious details, please! LOL

    I clicked over to see your The Elephant in the Womb site. How exciting! I’ll be watching its gestation…pun intended!

  • Hart

    Write the scene in a DIFFERENT doc. Save it for a DIFFERENT novel or short story, then come back. It sounds like it is stealing your mojo to not get to do it, so do it. Just don’t require he fit the other work. (Might fit a story where he is secondary and your MC has a saving people thing, and by saving him from the torture learns not everyone deserves saving or something)

  • Laura Marcella

    Yes, that’s happened. Chocolate works up to a point…but ultimately I just save it in case I can use some portion of it in a future project. Then I keep writing and forget about it!

    Good luck!

  • Courtney Vail

    Write down your ideas and save them for a different character/story. I agree that trying to fit it into a story where it doesn’t fit is bad writing, but sometimes the things we think up, even the most evil, actually end up being pretty good in the end.

    It hasn’t been based on my real feeling towards anyone yet, but I’ve found that the characters I put in the greatest peril and do the most harm to are the ones readers love the most. There’s something inspirational about witnessing someone taking on adversity. Like little kids and how they face cancer. It just blows my mind how so many of them can find things to smile at, while I’m complaining about random stupid things and inconveniences.

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