Let the Writing Begin (and the Christmas Insanity End)!

As I’ve run pell mell into Christmas (just wait until Sunday – if you listen real carefully you’ll probably hear the splat of me against the window) without too much more than time for a hitching breath (ever try and make cookies without all-purpose flour?).  Writing and all that goes with it necessarily fell outside my grasp.  Few things say impossible for a concentration necessary activity quite like having to make the bread your kid can eat (even if it is a mix – feh), trying to entertain and educate said young child, while trying to feed/change/clothe an infant.  Did I mention that hubby owns and runs a retail store?  And that it’s almost Christmas?  I’m pretty sure I could be diagnosed with ADHD if someone took a peak in on my daily life right now.

My previous goal of getting up three posts a week while I also tend to my very neglected other blog is being downgraded to only a couple.  It’s not that I don’t like blogging, I actually love it, I just REALLY want to finish the wip I started more than a year ago.  Not to sound arrogant or anything, but the writing is quite good and I long to engage in that exercise again.  Pretty sure the need for adult conversation even if it is imagined (I don’t count the real ones I have with myself) might also be aiding and abetting this itchiness.  Although, truth be told, inspiration has also recently been found through both a writing group I attend on Monday nights (yeah for getting out of the house!) as well as the current book I’m reading:  The Handmaid’s Tale.  Well, that and the desire to form a complete thought that might span more than 30 seconds is becoming very vital.  For EVERYONE in my house.  They just don’t really know it.  Because I am only screaming on the inside.  Occasionally it gets kind of loud and can be heard outside the confines of my own cranium, but not too often.

I will be doing my absolute best to be getting around to everyone’s blogs again (and will suck it up and open up that email account where all my blog subscriptions, etc, are routed to) and only ask that you please forgive me if I am not particularly timely in my appearances.

On that note (as the dairy sensitive infant heralds my attention thanks to that one piece of cheese I consumed last night in the vain attempt at thinking she was past it) I must be off.  Have a very happy and merry holiday!


2 responses to “Let the Writing Begin (and the Christmas Insanity End)!

  • Laura Marcella

    Hi, Kimberly! I haven’t been around in awhile. I took a blogging break in November and I’m still playing catch-up with everyone’s blogs this month.

    I hope you take time to enjoy the next few days! Good luck with everything and have a merry Christmas and happy new year!

  • Hart

    Man, I sure understand how the baby, child with new food issues that permeate everything and holiday prep could take over! On Facebook I have a group going called Writing Sprints R Us that I think you might really love. Writing sprints are something I’ve come to believe may be the only way to fit in the writing some days but they work like CRAZY (I blogged about them today at BB&B). I hope you manage to fit it in again soon!

    (and I really liked Handmaid’s Tale–not because it’s so enjoyable, but I love those thought-provokers. Never thought until very recently it might be prophetic, but I have been periodically thinking so lately)

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