Just Call Me “Slacker”

I was so going to be all over the blogging world before Christmas.  Barring that I was going to be on top of EVERYTHING by New Year’s.  Yeah.  Now it’s almost March and I’m really, really trying to get on top of things again.  The truth is I’ve been in quite the funk.  Lots of guilt around being a mom of a kiddo with Celiac Disease as well as the ridiculous drive to become the supreme goddess of the hearth and home.  Perhaps the drive to be so isn’t ridiculous, but the goal its self sure as hell is.

My reading has been limited, sanity even more so, while sleep has been at a low ebb since I was pregnant.  And my daughter is now 5 months old.  Luck you guys – you get to read my sleep deprived rants!  My apologies in advance.

Life is often too busy for me to do all I wish, but it was only during a self imposed limiting of time on facebook that I realized there are many things I wish to talk about as well as read – and facebook was not the best venue for either of these.  Honestly, I almost decided to delete my account today.  Then I realized there were many wonderful things I can see on that stupid site and that, perhaps, I was just strong enough of a person to be able to control how I interact with it.

Now, how were your holidays?  Did y’all have a good one?  Any new projects you guys are working on?


7 responses to “Just Call Me “Slacker”

  • jessicabookworm

    I too aim to try to be a domestic goddess, minus the children though so my aim is a lot easier than yours! I’m sure when your really ready blogging will come back to you.

    My holidays were wonderful but very busy. Not only did I have Christmas, and New Year but they were followed by my anniversary with my boyfriend, my uncle’s birthday, my birthday, and then my boyfriends birthday. Fortunately February has been a quieter month of reading, working, and blogging, phew!

  • Teresa - Journaling Woman

    I’ve missed your posts. And you ARE NOT a slacker. Being a mom of little ones is more exhausting than anything. Even when you’re sleeping–you’re not.

    Welcome back!

  • Laura Marcella

    The months sure do go by so quickly, don’t they? I wish we had a time stopper so we could halt the days every now and then and catch up!

    Good luck with everything, Kimberly!

  • Hart

    I think that first year after a baby is REALLY hard to get back to yourself. And then your son’s condition–a huge challenge on top of it. Be gentle with yourself. i mean, sure, set goals and try to get it all figured out, but I really do think it’s pretty normal to be in a bit of a funk.

  • litlove

    Wow, I could barely write my name by the time my son was 5 months old, and I didn’t have a toddler to take care of as well! Motherhood when it involves young children is exhausting and all-consuming. There is no need at all to beat yourself up for being unable to do the impossible! I was always encouraged by the psychotherapeutic and child development research I did back at that time that suggested parents are far more useful to children when they are NOT perfect. When mothers try too hard to be perfect they just communicate to their kids that it’s wrong to make mistakes. And of course, children make them all the time because it’s absolutely inevitable. So being kinder on yourself is actually a big help to them, as you show them how to manage their own guilts and disappointments. It’s lovely to see you blogging, but we all understand how hard it is to find the time – I’ve had to take big breaks myself at times too!

  • Glynis J. Jolly

    I knew you had to be somewhere. First, I don’t know what Celiac Disease is. No, don’t tell me. I’ll look it up. That’s what the Internet is for.

    The last several months have been a little strange for me. I broke my knee cap in November and the rest until the middle of January is a blur because of the meds.

    Don’t fret about the blogging. It’ll come. Both of us are hooked on it even when we take long breaks. I do know what you mean about Facebook. I still have my account but I got rid of quite a few apps I was doing.

  • Tina DC Hayes

    Glad you’re back to posting, but it certainly sounds like you’ve been busy away from Blogland. Now isn’t a time to fret when you get behind, not with two little ones to take care of. Trust me, when they hit 16, you’ll wish you stick ’em back in the playpen. LOL

    Facebook is a HUGE drain on my time too, so I’m with you there. The games hooked me, but m trying to put a limit on how much time I spend on them, finally. But they’re so much fun! 🙂

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